5ive Band Member Ritchie Neville Extends Olive Branch To 98 Degrees


The longstanding feud between UK boy band 5ive and American boy band 98 Degrees may finally come to an end as 5ive member Ritchie Neville expresses his desire to bury the hatchet. Despite being called out by 98 Degrees once again, Ritchie insists that 5ive genuinely wishes the best for the rival group and their families.

Key Takeaway:

Ritchie Neville of 5ive expresses a genuine desire to settle the feud with rival boy band 98 Degrees. Despite being called out once again, Ritchie emphasizes that 5ive wishes the best for the rival group and believes that it’s time for both bands to let go of the animosity and move on.

The Recent Clash

Just days ago, during a radio interview promoting their upcoming shows with fellow boy bands All-4-One and O-Town, 98 Degrees took the opportunity to slam 5ive. The conversation turned hostile, with 98 Degrees and the hosts criticizing 5ive, labeling them as the worst boy band ever. This incident reignited the decades-long dispute between the two groups.

The Origins of the Beef

Ritchie reveals that the rivalry began in the ’90s when both bands were on the “Smash Hits” tour in the United Kingdom. 5ive, a budding boy band from London, and 98 Degrees found themselves competing for the audience’s affection during the tour. 5ive emerged victorious in an audience vote and went on to attend the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party, a prestigious televised British awards show.

It was at this point that jealousy took hold of 98 Degrees, leading to their ongoing feud with 5ive. Ritchie reflects on the origins, acknowledging that they were all young at the time, with him being just 18 years old. He emphasizes that while losing is tough, it is disheartening that they are still carrying the grudge as grown men.

A Bid for Peace

Despite the animosity, Ritchie asserts that 5ive is moving forward, focusing on their lives, performing gigs, and raising their children. He believes it is time for both bands to let go of the immaturity and beef. Ritchie states that 5ive wants nothing but peace and suggests that they should meet up with 98 Degrees for a casual drink, symbolizing a truce and the end of their longstanding feud.