The Ultimate Guide to Sneaker Copping for Beginners

The Ultimate Guide to Sneaker Copping for Beginners

Limited-edition sneakers are very valuable, especially if only a few pairs go on sale. Unfortunately, these elusive sneakers are some of the most difficult things to acquire. Some parties snatch up these sneakers the moment they go on sale. Due to this, it can be tough to successfully purchase such sneakers, particularly if you are new to the task.

But fear not! There are various ways you can now engage in successful sneaker copping, including using proxies and bots. So, as a beginner, where do you start? Read on.

What Exactly Is Sneaker Copping?

In the sneaker world, “sneaker copping” means successfully obtaining a pair of limited sneakers. Sneaker enthusiasts dream about it, and how they get it doesn’t matter. In truth, nothing can ever be more exciting than winning an exclusive pair of limited-edition sneakers. It’s a buzz that each sneakerhead yearns for. Nevertheless, having a successful hunt isn’t always easy, especially if you are new to collecting kicks. How, then, do you up your game? That’s where sneaker bots and proxies chip in.

Sneaker Bots

Using sneaker bots increases your opportunity to purchase sneakers in two ways. For one, they allow you to check out faster than you could without them. Secondly, sneaker bots give you a chance to purchase many pairs from a single release. Note that using sneaker bots is not a must. Actually, some people still manage to get limited sneaker editions even without any bots. But if you are in the business of reselling your kicks, getting sneaker bots is a wise move. Some popular types of bots include:

  • Nike bot
  • Mesh bot
  • Supreme bot
  • AIO bot
  • Kodai AIO bot

Of course, sneaker bots are powerful. However, they’re not infallible. Sneaker websites are aware of these automated assailants and have implemented a plethora of countermeasures to level the playing field. Website restrictions, IP bans, and CAPTCHA challenges are just a few of the obstacles standing between you and the sneakers you desire. Fortunately, you can combine sneaker proxies and bots to avoid these obstacles.

Sneaker Proxies

A reputable proxy provider can help with sneaker copping. These great tools mask your IP address. There are a few types of sneaker proxies to consider. They include:

Datacenter Proxies

These are simply servers that you connect to. Datacenter proxies help you mask IP addresses to make you anonymous. With the datacenter proxy, you might be sharing the IP with others. So, if sharing isn’t your thing, go for dedicated datacenter proxies. Web hosting companies sometimes provide DC proxies. Admittedly, though no longer very effective, datacenter proxies have their advantages.

  • They are relatively cheaper.
  • They offer unlimited traffic.
  • Their speed is incredible.
  • They are readily available.

Residential Proxies

This type of proxy uses IP addresses from actual residential Internet Service Providers (ISPs), making them nearly undetectable (for suspicious activity) and highly effective for sneaker copping. With residential proxies, you can be just another ordinary person on the internet who escapes suspicion. They reduce your chances of being detected during sneaker copping. Why are these proxies so great?

  • They offer stable connections.
  • They prevent you from being banned from a sneaker site as they make you appear like a real user.
  • Unlike datacenter proxies, you don’t share your IP with someone.

ISP Proxies

You can say that ISP proxies are like a cross between residential and datacenter proxies. They are like data center proxies, registered with actual ISPs but hosted by servers. So, while these proxies keep you anonymous, they also maintain their speed. Similar to datacenter ones, you can purchase them in bulk. Advantages of ISP sneaker proxies include:

  • They are faster than residential proxies.
  • ISP proxies are more reliable.
  • They are more affordable.
  • They are more secure.


No doubt, entering into sneaker copping is a daunting pursuit. The best approach to successfully getting a pair of limited sneakers is by getting the right tools. However, it’s not just about having sneaker bots to place orders; you will need the right sneaker proxies as well. In other words, you’ll need sneaker bots and reliable proxy servers to work hand-in-hand together.

There is no shortcut to being successful in sneaker copping. Choosing a reputable provider like, which has garnered a stellar reputation in the sneaker-copping community, is a must. The provider should offer a wide range of high-quality residential and ISP proxies specifically tailored for sneaker releases with impressive success rates. So, research and check out reviews before choosing a specific proxy provider. This way, you can grab some pairs of those exclusive sneakers for resale or yourself.