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How to Save Money Heating Your Home in Ireland This Winter

This year, the world is panicking over rising fuel costs. Much of that is due to the far-from-resolved situation in Ukraine and the rising cost of fossil fuel. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you, or the global leader in alternative methods of generating electricity can do about it. The cost of heating your home in the UK will still rise higher than ever if you are dependent upon electric or gas heaters. As such, it is time to find more efficient ways of heating your home. Here are a few suggestions.


Energy Efficient Heat Pumps

It is no secret that the winters in Ireland can be bitterly cold. If your current HVAC unit costs a small fortune to heat your home, you might want to check out heat pumps Ireland. These work by absorbing outside heat from water or cooler air exiting the home. Even in bitterly cold temperatures, there is heat energy in that air that can be used to heat your home. The only small amount of electricity used will be that which drives the fans and pumps.


Inspect and Replace Seals on Doors and Windows

Another very important thing to do is to prevent heat from escaping. You can use an air leak detector to quickly see if the seals on your doors and windows are cracked. Instead of just relying on a visual inspection, you can detect air leaks driving the cost of heating your home higher than you can imagine.


Let the Sun Work for You

Another thing you can do is take advantage of the radiant heat from the sun. During the warmest part of the day, it is suggested that you open all curtains and blinds on the sunny side of the home. This will allow the warmth from the sun’s rays to shine through to your home, warming it in the process. Let the sun work for you!


Inspect Loft and Wall Insulation

How long has it been since you last inspected the insulation in your home? Is the insulation in your loft sufficient or has it degraded over time? Perhaps the insulation in your exterior walls no longer functions as it should. Just one leaking gutter can send water dripping between the exterior and interior walls, breaking down any insulation once there. One of the dangers of a broken roofing system is damage to the foundation of your home.


As one final pointer, you can also use heavy draperies to keep the cold from infiltrating your room. Even if you fix the insulation and ensure no cracks in any windows, the glass panes tend to get quite cold. How many mornings have you awakened to ice crystal formation on some of your windows? That’s indicative of just how cold those windows can get. Thankfully, heavy draperies can form another layer of insulation. Don’t face another bitterly cold winter in Ireland without doing what you can to keep the cold out and the heat in.