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How To Write An Impressive Cover Letter In 2020 [Samples Included]

How to write a cover letter

“How to write a cover letter?” you may ask. This means you want the best possible shot at that job you are applying for. You don’t want to come up with just any letter, but you want the best possible cover letter!It doesn’t matter the job description; employers hardly forget first impressions.

A recent survey reveals that most hiring managers tend to start job assessments for selecting successful hires, straight from applicant’s cover letters! That is such great news.

Why? Because we’ll show you just how to write the perfect one!

So quit checking out the competition, write a cover letter that will have the lead!


All About Writing a Cover Letter

Ah yes, you may not know what a cover letter is, how to write it, or what to put in it, but you want to be the one who gets the job at the end.

What to do? 

Just think up, organize, and include the relevant details of why you consider yourself good enough for the job.

Don’t know how? Don’t fret.

We have EVERYTHING you need to know.


What Is A Cover Letter?

It’s an introductory letter you tender to a prospective employer, disclosing your job qualifications, working experience, skillset, and why you should get hired.

You could also include your resume, depending on the hiring pre-selection requirements.

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What Goes In A Cover Letter?

1. A memorable introduction.

The first sentences are usually the most crucial in a cover letter. Figuring out how to start a cover letter can sometimes become daunting. Hiring personnel mostly scan through numerous applications in a few seconds.

You need to make your introduction stand out. Start by being polite and direct.

Give them a clear view of your purpose of writing using short, flowing sentences.

That is what you can put in a cover letter heading.


2. Point out your referral’s name.

Your referral could make you stand out, so make sure you state clearly who or what contact pointed out the job to you. 


3. A list of your qualifications.

Most hiring managers request for particular applicant qualifications in cover letters. So clearly spell out yours.

However, try not to be boastful. Simply state a timeline of your academic and professional accomplishments.


4. Possible problems you could fix in the company.

Companies don’t hire just because they want to; they do it to find solution givers. You should make research on specific problems you could fix in the company, even before you start writing a cover letter. 

Make sure you include such challenges and prove that you’re the best fit for the gap. 

Also include that you have the foresight and can forestall any more problems.


5. An engaging read.

Although you might have a lot in mind, make sure you don’t bore out your reader.

Prove you’re worth the time. Always express yourself in short, flowing sentences.

Keep in mind that you’re not the only applicant.

How long should a cover letter be?

That may depend on specifications given by the hiring company.

However, here are some general characteristics

  • Number of pages: from half to one page
  • Number of words: 200 to 4006. Distinctive statements about yourself that set your cover letter apart.

Describe yourself briefly and talk about what sets you apart from the average.

Examine this:

A sales team applicant shows that he can start making money for the company, and immediately, he’s offered the job. Here is what he wrote:

“From the job description, you need an extensively experienced salesman. Someone who can cause an immediate hike in sales volume, with little or no training. My wealth of experience and unbeaten sales record at [ PREVIOUS COMPANY] and the willingness I have to work hard for your company would make me a valuable find to your sales-team.”

Such a self-description in your cover letter makes it stand out from others.


7. Irrefutable proof of professional accomplishments and work experience.

You need to sufficiently convince whoever reads your cover letter that you have ample experience in whatever job you’re applying for.

You can do this by:

  • Stating visible online evidence; this includes links to any online media content specified in the job requirements, like open publications and personal project websites. 
  • Referring to any verifiable news coverage of past accomplishments.
  • By including professional jargon related to the job in your write up.


How To End A Cover Letter

A conclusion should consist of the appreciation of anyone reading the letter, with closing salutation like Yours Sincerely, Yours Faithfully, etc., with your name and signature.

How To End A Cover Letter
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Choosing The Right Cover Letter Format

Why is the format important?

A format can disclose the type of information you would like to pass using the cover letter. It can divulge details about your personality to anyone who reads the cover letter, including the hiring manager.

Different Types of Cover Letter Formats

You can choose any of the various formats depending on the type of application. 

The different cover letter examples are as follows:

  • The applicant’s cover letter.
  • The Job Inquiry cover letter.

The Applicant’s Cover Letter

It is a letter you send to a prospective employer explaining your expertise and skills in detail. The letter should also show your background and why you’re so interested in the position. It paints a vivid picture of who you are as a professional and creates a first impression in the mind of the employer.

Here’s an applicant’s cover letter sample:

123 Street Ave,

City Name, ST 12345


April 24, 2017


Kinsley Jackson

Hiring Manager

BCH corporation

336 Bristly St

London, ST 54321     


Dear Kingsley Jackson

My name is Joe Diner, and I came across your posting for the front-end developer position on I have a master’s in Computer Science from Kind State University, as well as seven years of experience as a front-end developer. Thus, I would love to tell you why I am an excellent fit for the front-end developer position at BCH Corporation.

I have built everything from static websites using existing CSS frameworks and JavaScript libraries to in-depth web apps using custom CSS frameworks and tailored, interactive JavaScript components for startups and Fortune 500 companies during my career. Also, I have worked in the Scrum development method for the past three years, so I am comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.

I am particularly interested in working with BCH Corporation because of the tremendous improvements done on their web platforms and applications. I would like to contribute to the progress by bringing in my wealth of experience in CSS and JavaScript platforms. That will no doubt triple the successes you have had so far.

I anticipate meeting with you to discuss how I would go about that.


Joe Diner.


The job inquiry cover letter

You can write this if you’re only making an inquiry about the availability of a job offer, in a particular company. A resume can be attached if you think it will increase your chances.

Here’s a job inquiry letter sample:

August 24, 2013


Mr. James Burton  

Manager, the Marketing Department

Cadbury Prima

568 Snowboard lane

Santa Monica, DO 43112


Dear Mr. Burton,


My name is James Waterway and I learned of Cadbury Prima through the internet advertisement platform, I have a Doctorate (Ph.D.)  in Business Administration with online sales as my concentration, thus I believe I would prove to be an excellent fit for any position open in your online sales or marketing division. 




I would gladly accommodate any opportunity to discuss a position with you. Please contact me at +44537894602 or, if you need to get to me.

Thank you for your time and consideration



James Waterway

How to Craft An Application Letter For An Internship

If you’re interested in applying for an internship, you might need some extra tips on how to craft a cover letter for an internship properly.

Here are some tips: 

Make Your Cover Letter Personal

Try to express your interest in the company. Make use of your specialized skills to prove that you would be an excellent find for any organization. Also research and include a list of solutions you would love to offer to solve the company’s challenges.

Quote Sufficient Examples 

Any skill you make known in the cover letter should be proven with good examples. The examples should be believable and easily verifiable by the hiring manager.

Show Your Academic Prowess

Make a big deal of your academic qualifications, that is if you don’t have much work experience. Every employer requires proper qualification checks when hiring, especially if the applicant has no experience.

Review and Cross Check

Due to the intense competition in the labor market, any mistake done by an applicant is a big disadvantage to employment chances. So make sure you edit and cross-check your cover letter properly, before sending it off to the hiring department.

General Tips on Writing Your Letter


1. Include only professional email addresses as correspondence.


Email addresses like and  should not be used in a your letter. Make use of your professional address or subscribe for a new address. 


2. Don’t use the address of your current employer as correspondence


It shows a lack of commitment, if you include the email or house address of your current employer, in your cover letter. Use only non-affiliated addresses in your cover letter.

Now that you’ve followed these steps, don’t get surprised when you are called up for the interview. Break a leg in the job hunt!