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How To Find And Buy The Best Premier League Tickets

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The Premier League is one of the most thrilling football tournaments in the world, and attending one of these matches is an unrivaled experience. As a result, tickets aren’t always easy to come by.

This guide outlines the best strategies and avenues to explore if you’re looking to secure the best Premier League tickets. Covering everything from understanding the selection of tickets available to navigating official club sources, authorized resellers, and other alternative options, this is your go-to guide on how to find and buy Premier League tickets.

Premier League Ticket Dynamics

There are a handful of factors that affect Premier League ticket availability and pricing, the first being the type of ticket you’re purchasing, whether that’s season passes, single-match tickets or hospitality packages. For single-match tickets, several other factors also affect the availability and pricing.

The significance of a match, the quality of opponents, stadium capacity, and even the specific timing within the season all wield significant impact on ticket availability and associated costs. Being aware of these nuances helps fans to strategically plan and navigate the complexities of securing Premier League tickets.

Researching Premier League Tickets

When looking to buy Premier League tickets, the most important thing to do is research fixtures — find out which fixtures are happening then you can identify matches of personal interest and start planning to buy tickets.

The importance of each match and the quality of opponents are also key; high-stakes games, such as those involving local derbies, renowned teams, or clashes between league leaders, result in increased ticket demand and require more planning and earlier booking.

Considering the venue hosting the game also adds another layer to this research. Games hosted at iconic stadiums, increasing the overall allure of attending, will be high in demand and therefore trickier to secure tickets for.

Official Premier League Ticket Sources

Official Premier League club websites tend to be the primary sources for purchasing tickets as they provide direct access to match tickets as well as membership benefits. To see which tickets are available, you’ll need to check each club’s website to find out the match schedule, ticket categories, and purchase options.

Joining club membership programs often grants exclusive benefits such as priority access to tickets, though this does come with a fee.

Authorised Premier League Tickets Resellers

Authorised resellers are another reliable alternative avenue for buying Premier League tickets. They offer the benefit of last-minute tickets, competitive pricing, and access to exclusive deals.

A wide array of Premier League tickets, including single-match options and hospitality packages, are available through online resellers. Fans can explore these platforms for additional availability, especially for otherwise sold-out events, or when official sources have limited options.

Reputable resellers also offer a level of convenience, providing user-friendly interfaces and secure payment gateways, though it’s essential to only purchase through trusted and verified online resellers.

Final Tips For Buying Premier League Tickets

Here are some final tips to help you get hold of even the most sought-after tickets:

1. Plan Ahead

Initiate your ticket hunt as soon as fixtures are announced. High-profile games, like derbies and top-of-the-table clashes, tend to sell out quickly. By planning ahead and staying on top of announcements, you’ll be one of the first people in the queue to purchase tickets and are more likely to secure the best seats at the best prices.

2. Consider Club Membership

Consider joining club membership programs for priority access to tickets. Benefits vary between clubs but generally speaking, most club members can enjoy early reservation opportunities for popular fixtures.

3. Explore Secondary Markets

Authorized resellers or secondary markets can offer ticket availability even after official sales have closed. If you opt to go down this avenue, you’ll also benefit from competitive pricing and access to exclusive deals and offers — just be sure to check you’re purchasing your tickets from an authorized reseller.

4. Time Your Purchase

Buying tickets early increases the chances of getting preferred seats at better prices. Prices might escalate closer to match day due to heightened demand, and in many cases, they will sell out once the stadium reaches capacity.

5. Be Flexible With Your Plans

Ticket prices fluctuate based on the significance of the match, the opponent’s stature, and the stage of the competition. High-stakes encounters often command higher prices, so consider attending lower-profile matches if you can’t secure tickets for the highly sought-after matches.


When finding and buying Premier League tickets, meticulous planning is key. Get to know ticket dynamics for your team and keep up to date with the latest fixtures and ticket releases. You can broaden your ticket options by exploring official club sources, membership benefits, and authorized resellers — exploring multiple avenues will triple your chances of finding the tickets you’re after (and for the best price too!). Good luck finding your tickets, and get ready to enjoy a thrilling Premier League match!