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How to Choose a Fast Electric Scooter Size for Adults?

With time people are moving towards electronics and automobiles that require less space and are also healthy for the environment. One such invention and a great way to commute carbonless is the fast electric scooter many people are turning to.


Electric scooters for adults come in different sizes, designs, and functionalities. When purchasing one for yourself, you need to consider its functionality and design. But, most importantly, its size so it can accommodate your physique sufficiently.


What Size of a Fast Electric Scooter Do You Need?

Many things collectively affect a motor scooter’s size, such as the seat, handles, suspension, length, and tires. Based on each person’s physique and driving style, the size of a fast electric scooter needed varies from person to person.


An ideal size of an adult size adult electric scooter should be one that can accommodate a person’s weight equally. The long range electric scooter’s average height should be reasonable because it can significantly affect the driving experience. Similarly, the seat size should also be of an average size that is not too big nor too small for the driver.


Varla Fast Electric Scooter Size Chart

If you are in search of the best available adult-size electrical scooter for yourself, the Varla has a fantastic range of electric scooter for adults that one can choose from. Following is the size chart of three of their best electric scooters so you can have an idea regarding which size is best suitable for you:


Model Eagle One Pro Dual Motor E-scooter Eagle One Dual Motor E-scooter Pegasus Dual Motor E-scooter
Max Load 330 lbs 330 lbs 280 lbs
Wheel Size 11 inches 10×3 inches 9 inches
Tire Tubeless air tire Pneumatic tire Puncture-proof Vacuum Tire
Throttle Thumb Throttle Trigger Throttle Thumb Throttle
Geometry Overall length: 53.1″

Handlebar length: 24.8″

Standing height: 39.3″

Deck length: 22.8″

Deck width: 7.8″

Folded height: 21.6″

Overall height: 52.4″

Overall length: 50.4″

Handlebar length: 25.5″

Standing height: 37.4″

Deck length: 21.3″

Deck width: 9.1″

Folded height: 20.1″

Overall height: 51.2″

Overall length: 49.4″

Handlebar length: 20.8″

Standing height: 39.3″

Deck Length 19.7″

Deck Width: 6.7″

Folded height: 18.9″

Overall height: 49.6″


Where to Ride? As an enormous beast, it is suitable for long-distance travel in various scenarios, stable, and fast. As an off-road adventure, it suits trails, hilly areas, and bumpy roads and can conquer all terrains. It suits gravel, bike path, and city road for a city commuter.
Who is it for? Large-sized riders looking for an adventurous, comfortable long-distance ride. A rider who wants to try out fast, exciting rides. Riders who normally ride on flat terrains and don’t want to walk to the office, gym, grocery store, etc.


How Do You Measure Electric Scooter’s Height?

An electric scooter’s height and size involve some crucial factors for consideration that include the following:

E- scooter’s Handlebar Heights

If you use a 2-bolt clamp (IHC), add about 10 inches to the handlebar length, and if you use a 4-bolt clamp, add about 11 inches to the handlebar length to get your absolute scooter height (SCS). This formula will provide the actual scooter height based only on handlebar length. This will be useful if you ever create a custom electric scooter for adults or wish to buy a handlebar of a different length to change the height of your motor scooter overall.


E- scooter’s Deck Sizes

Scooter decks typically range in width from 4.5″ to 7″, but there are several sizes in between. It is better to stay between 4.5″ and 5.5″ wide for younger and smaller riders. Depending on the rider’s stature, a scooter deck between 4.5″ and 5″ wide for newer riders who want to master park-style stunts will be the best option.


On the other hand, street riders prefer a broader scooter deck since it makes it easier to grind. A 5″ to 5.5″ broad long range electric scooter deck would be ideal for a young street rider just starting because it provides you with more surface area to balance when you’re grinding.


E- scooter’s Wheel Sizes

Typically, entry-level scooters have wheels with a 24mm width and a 100mm or 110mm diameter. These smaller wheels bring the rider nearer the ground, improving their ability to develop balance. Wheels with a diameter and breadth between 110mm and 120mm and 24mm are much more common on mid-level electric scooters for adults.


These sizes of wheels are ideal for intermediate riders who are starting to think about performance since they allow you to travel a greater distance each rotation by using a giant wheel with the same size bearing. For park use, advanced scooters can have the same size as the mid-level models, but an off road electric scooter is desired for street users. The two types of huge wheels you will find are 120mm in diameter and 30mm in width, which is extremely popular in the United States.


Twelve standards have a more significant bearing, 125mm diameter, and 30mm breadth. Due to the enormous bearings, you will notice a slight reduction in wheel speed with twelve standard, but the travel’s endurance is unmatched. These big, broad wheels of fat tire electric scooters make it much easier to navigate the potholes and cracks in the sidewalk and on the road, which is why Varla Eagle One Pro All Terrains Electric Scooters are so popular.


Deck Height

The deck size is the other key element in determining a motor scooter’s size. If you’re under 5 feet tall, you should aim to be between 4″ and 4.5 inches wide and 19 to 20 inches long. We recommend 4.5″-5″ width and 20″-22″ long if you are 5′-6′ tall. If you are over 6′, you should get the largest possible mattress, 4.75″-6″ wide and 21.5″-23.5″ long. Remember that tricks will be more straightforward with smaller decks and more comfortable with larger decks.



Like a car or bicycle, a scooter electric with suspension smooths the ride and dampens road imperfections. Adult-size electric scooters for adults typically have one of three suspension types: rubber suspension, hydraulic or air piston, or spring suspension. The ideal long range electric scooter with suspension will consist of a spring and piston combination known as coil-over-air or coil-over-hydraulic. The massive pneumatic tires that are dampers on many scooters replace the suspension. Large pneumatic tires can provide a better suspension form than inexpensive spring suspensions.


Folding Mechanism

Some electric scooter models fold up in a matter of seconds. However, some take a bit longer to fold. The most manageable motor scooters are often those weighing less than 55 lbs. On the other hand, scooters with more intricate folding mechanisms typically take a little longer to fold.


Most foldable electric scooters use a latch or lever system that can be easily flicked to fold the scooter in half. Most of them have a complicated folding mechanism and are made with additional safety precautions having a dual stem locking system. Remember that larger scooters travel at higher speeds and require more robust safety features.


The following are some most commonly asked FAQs regarding electric scooters:


Are there electric scooters for adults as well?

Yes, indeed, there are several electric scooters for adults that have various designs and functions. You can choose one that best suits your requirements for daily usage.


Can we choose a fast electric scooter based on size?

Yes, you can choose your desired size of an electric scooter by measuring the handles, suspension, wheel size, and deck height and size to see if it’s the appropriate size for you.


How can I select the best size of electric scooter for myself?

You can choose your required size by measuring every critical aspect of the electric scooter, determining if the driving experience is comfortable for you or not. For example, an electric scooter with heavier weight and bigger wheels, suspension, and deck can be uncomfortable to drive if you have an average physique and height.



No matter how much a fast electric scooter from Varla is in demand, one should always see and determine the best available size of an electronic scooter for them before purchasing one. The appropriate size of electric scooters for adults can be determined by measuring their essential parts, such as the wheels, deck, suspension, and folding mechanism.