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Craigslist: What It Is and How To Make a Living?

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Would you like to know how to make money on Craigslist? Craigslist offers an incredible money-making opportunity to internet users. It requires little effort and skills. And you can make money on Craigslist regardless of who you are or how much you own.

Read through this guide for information on how to earn money on Craigslist. You would also learn more about Craigslist. How the company started, how well it is doing at the moment, and how Craigslist generates revenue.

What is Craigslist? enjoys high web traffic every day. It was founded in 1995 by Craig Newmark, and it provides classified and local adverts on products and services. The website reaches up to 10 million people per day across the globe. Craigslist is where you find sales messages about cars, home appliances, and others. You will also find forums where members review different products. The reviews are insightful for hands-on information on whether a product or service is worth its fees.

The platform is a reference for many job seekers and job providers as well – Craigslist display job openings. Businesses can reach a large population of desirable skilled labor on Craigslist because the website is popular amongst job seekers. Alexa ranks it number 191 on Alexa’s top sites in the world. And number 39 on Alexa’s top 50 websites in the United States.

Beyond finding jobs on Craigslist, you can also make sales on the platform. Craigslist first started 25 years ago as a community e-newsletter. But today, it is a medium for business owners and salespeople to meet potential buyers. And showcase their products. With the right knowledge, you can earn over $100 per day through your sales on Craigslist.

How to sell on Craigslist?

Many business owners enjoy selling on Craigslist because of the ease of reaching unique customers every day. It requires little effort to upload products on the platform. And you can sell faster on Craigslist too.

People earn as much as $900 a month from their sales on Craigslist. But this depends on what they sell and how much effort they put into it. With the right attitude and information, you can earn the same amount or even more on your sales.

Are you a sit-at-home mom, student, or an employee who only has a single unwanted item to sell? Craigslist is the perfect platform to sell such a product. Start selling on Craigslist like everyone else; take the following steps to begin making sales on Craigslist.

Visit the Craigslist Website

Visit the website. You would notice that the landing page suits your present location. A proof is that the ads are of products and services available near you. And you will find your location on the top left side of the homepage.

If you notice that the location is wrong, scroll to the bottom of the page and locate “cl worldwide.” Choose your country, city, and region.

Start posting

Once you find the page for your location, click on “post” on the top right part of the page. You will find the category for different types of posts.

“Job offered,” “housing offered,” and “for sale by owner” are some of these sections. Others include “service offered,” “for sale by dealer,” and “event/class.”

Choose the classification that suits your type of product or service. It is possible to create an anonymous post. But you can also set up an account and sign in if you do not wish to post anonymously. To do this, go back to the homepage and create an account. Otherwise, click on the post option you find befitting and click the “continue” button to move to the next stage.

You will find a new set of categories to identify what you want to sell on Craigslist. Is it an “antiques – by owner” or an “auto wheels & tires – by owner”? Choose the one that qualifies your product the most and move to the next page.

Provide product details

Then you should enter the details for the product that you would like to sell. “Posting title” “description,” and “your email,” which have green outlines, are required information. While “price,” “postcode,” and other fields with black outlines are optional information for your sales item. We recommend that you provide your location. This will help you target users/buyers within your area.

Users who find products closer to them tend to convert quicker than those who are not within their locality. Once you have put in your location, move onto the next page.

Upload images

The next page is where you provide appropriate images for the product. It is best to provide different photographs of the product. Products with photos showing essential parts sell faster than those without these.

Buyers can have the conviction of the product’s state through images provided by the seller. You can publish up to 24 pictures of the product you wish to sell on Craigslist. Click on the “add image” button to do so. It will load the images on your device for upload. Any image for upload should be within 600 pixels x 450 pixels.

Taking the best images for your product

It is essential to learn how to take the best images for your product. As you know, pictures can help you drive sales faster. Buyers learn about your product more from the product images. These images also attract users to your product for sales.

Your smartphone camera can do a decent job if you do not own an HD camera. For starters, your picture must be clear and bright. Most smartphones today are capable of producing such an image.

Before you take your images, ensure that you have sufficient lighting where you want to shoot the photo. You can get better image quality if the product’s photo is taken outdoors. Remember, you need your prospects to see every detail on the product. So take the time to present your images with sufficient lighting.

Another important factor is your image background. If you must take your product’s image indoors, remove all unnecessary items. Poorly arranged background with filths will produce distasteful product images. Beware of an environment that is too flashy as well. You do not want other things distracting potential buyers from the main product that you wish to sell.

While fixing the image background, you may have to use other items for comparison with the primary product that you wish to sell. You could use these to establish the size of your product. For example, placing a Coca-Cola can or a banknote beside the product can help viewers understand its size.

Edit the post and publish

The next page is for reviewing your post before putting it on Craigslist. You can edit information about your product. Name, location, and product images can all be edited. Once you are satisfied with the advert that you want to post on Craigslist, click on the “publish” button.

Confirm your email address

Craigslist will ask you to confirm your email address. Find an email in your inbox to make this confirmation. You only have to click on a link to make this confirmation. Craigslist will send you links to “publish your ad,” “edit,” “verify your email address,” or “delete your add”. Simply click on “publish your ad” for final confirmation. Otherwise, click on any of the other options if this is what you want.

Other tips for selling on Craigslist

The thought of making sales on Craigslist is alluring, but you must be security conscious when doing this. Craigslist understands the need for protecting the seller’s privacy, hence the possibility of making an anonymous post. So do not include personal information on your product details when uploading them.

Also, meet prospective buyers at public places. Consider meeting them at your local supermall and tell someone close to you before meeting up with someone from Craigslist. You could take a friend or relative along when making such a transaction.

How does Craigslist make money?

According to a study by Advanced Interactive Media Group, Craigslist made over $694 million in 2016. The classified ad website is undoubtedly one of the most successful internet businesses of all time. So if you wonder how Craigslist makes money, considering that people use it for free, here is how:

Classified ads charges

Craigslist generates revenue through some classified ads. Car dealers and landlords list vehicles and apartments for between $10 and $70, depending on the location. Craigslist also charges for job listings. The classified ads for job opening now contribute a large chunk to the company’s income. This income has risen to over $1.9 million daily from multiple listings by users. Craigslist has gone from making a few hundred thousand dollars a year to nearly $1 billion annually.

The classified ads that attract charges are small in comparison to the various other listings that are free. Craigslist takes the user’s browsing experience seriously. This is why the company has reportedly refused to adopt aggressive income-generating strategies, including the use of banner ads. Craigslist maintains a minimal running cost. To date, the web company has less than 60 staff members. And a foundation that has donated at least $30 million since it was established.

How to post on Craigslist?

Creating a post on Craigslist takes only 10 minutes. Visit and create an account. You may decide to make an anonymous post; you do not need an account to do this. Then correct the location if you notice that the default location on the site is wrong. Find “cl worldwide” at the bottom of the page and select your region.

Now that your region is correct, locate “post” at the top right corner of the homepage. You can find several categories for listings. You may select “job offered,” “for sale by owner” or any other listing categories that fit your post.

Next, select the category that identifies what you need to sell. This could be “antiques – by the owner,” or any other available categories on Craigslist. Choosing the ideal category makes it easy for visitors who need your post to find it.

As soon as you pick the relevant category and sub-category, select the best images for your post. Craigslist makes it possible to upload up to 24 images for your post. The best pictures are bright, capture several aspects of a product, and show the correct height of this product. Yet, keep your post expository but simple. Do not post multiple images that focus on the same parts of the product.

Now that you have the details, the images, and the correct location for your product, you can edit it. Craigslist directs you to the page for editing your post before you publish it. Else, you can click on “publish” and receive a confirmation link in your email inbox. Log into your email to confirm and publish your post on Craigslist. Using these few steps, you have just successfully posted on Craigslist.

How to advertise on Craigslist?

You can advertise on Craigslist for free. The only time you have to pay for an ad is when you list job openings, vehicles, or apartments. Other products and services may attract charges as well. But for listing home appliances, cell phones, furniture, and other similar products, an advert is free on Craigslist. So visit Craigslist’s official website to know if you can advertise for free.

You can create an advert within 20 minutes when you visit the Craigslist website. Creating an advert on the platform is similar to posting on it. Select the region that is relevant to the advert then click on the “post” button on the site’s home page. Then choose the category that is relevant to your advert. The categories on Craigslist include “job offered,” and “for sale by owner.” You can then choose a subcategory immediately after.

Craft an elegant message for your advert. The message should describe your product or service using less than 70 characters. Include the price of your product or service as well. Then upload attractive images that present the offer to users. You have the liberty of using up to 24 images for your advert on Craigslist.

Edit your advert to attract the relevant users and click on the “publish” button to continue. Craigslist will send you a confirmation link, which you can find in your email inbox. Click on this link to successfully advertise on Craigslist.

How to reply to Craigslist email?

You can reply to Craigslist email in an instant. Click on a category of interest and find an item that you wish to purchase. This could be a product or service listing on Craigslist. Then click on the “reply” button on the top left part of the page. The button is slightly above the title of the listing that you find interesting.

Once you click on the “reply” button, you will find a dropdown for different mailing services. You could use Gmail, YahooMail, or any other. But let’s consider how to reply using Gmail for this exercise. Gmail is the most common mailing platform on the internet.

The moment you select Gmail, Craigslist will redirect you to a new mail tab to compose a mail to the seller on Gmail. You will find the item details as the email subject and a link to the item in the body of the message.

Also, you will find a receiver’s email address in the appropriate field. The email address is not the personal address of the seller because Craigslist is protecting the seller’s privacy. You may find the address odd but do not bother because it is valid, with an extension of Craigslist. A typical receiver’s email is

You can simply compose your message and click on the “send” button on Gmail. You have just created a reply to Craigslist’s email.

What is the safest way to accept payment on Craigslist?

Craigslist is incapable of preventing crimes from happening through their platform. So you must be careful when accepting payment on Craigslist. There are only two ways to accept payment for products and services on this platform. They are through checks and cash. And Craigslist advises users to pay for a product while picking it up.

If you are offering a product for sale, do not tell users that you accept any other means of payment. Most users will assume that you are dubious if you do so. Keep your account information to yourself as well. It is risky to share bank account details to a stranger on Craigslist. There is no way to establish if a user is an honest citizen or a criminal. For any product you wish to sell on Craigslist, accepting cash is the safest payment method.


It is easy to earn money on Craigslist. The website supports free adverts and connects you with millions of users every day. And these are people who are willing to buy your products. But be vigilant when selling on Craigslist. There are many reports of crimes committed through the platform.