Do Colleges Use Marketing Tricks to Attract More Students?

Lady enjoying college, college marketing poster

Have you ever thought about how colleges recruit their students? Is it purely the student’s choice, or do colleges have something (or a lot) to do with it? In other words, do colleges try to lure students in with various tricks? Of course, there are ways they can try to appeal to potential students and show how they are different from the rest.

Do Colleges Use Marketing Tricks?

First things first, let’s answer the big question here. Well, of course, they do! It’s absolutely true, and there is nothing wrong with it. Today, colleges have to compete with thousands of other schools all around the globe. Students don’t just choose a local college close to their homes. They can go anywhere they’d like to, in any region or continent. Nowadays, every country has plenty of higher education establishments compared to five decades or a century ago. The higher number of colleges and universities could also mean more ruthless competition in the market.

To succeed in such a competition, schools need to use marketing. Some marketing tricks simply put the school’s name up there into the students’ lists. Others actually aim at being a top priority for students. Either way, even the oldest and most famous schools have to market themselves to the newer generations each year. In this modern age, no school can survive without proper advertisement. It’s no surprise that schools pay large sums to gain students’ attention.

Why Is This Happening?

In the US, there is a slight decrease in students’ applications with each passing year. Over the past decades, colleges all over the country have experienced a 13% decrease in enrolment rate, with numbers continuing to decline. In addition to the surplus of schools, fewer students are also willing to attend college. Of course, there are a number of reasons why this is happening.

For one, tuition fees have been rising each year, making it harder for students to pay them. Secondly, higher education ceased to be the only chance for success in life. With social media, the mobile economy, and the support for small businesses, young people choose to go the alternative route instead of getting in debt while receiving degrees.

Lastly, it seems that competition is getting fiercer, not only among the schools, but also among college students. Not many young people are willing to sacrifice years of their lives anymore, as well as their mental health, due to a stressful environment over a degree. However, academic overload really shouldn’t be such a huge problem, as there are lots of help online. Just reading some research paper writing services reviews can show struggling students that finding proper help is not that difficult.

How Do They Do It?

Not many schools are willing to share where they spend their marketing money. Most colleges keep it to themselves. Yet, those who do speak up about their marketing strategies often mention the service they choose to promote. These colleges choose to advertise their high standards of education, enticing programs, and unique study opportunities. Some choose to engage in other forms of marketing such as fundraising events, special recruitment programs for athletes, and many more.

Some schools also choose to offer extra comfortable treatment and a modern educational environment, where they position themselves as the new tech-friendly schools. Colleges tempt students with the newest technologies, accommodations, and great campus locations. Schools also advertise their newest lounge rooms that promise students comfortable resting spaces and a fun social environment.

Generally, the school location also plays a big role in marketing strategies. That’s why colleges utilize all they have, including the positive specifics of the states, cities, and locations they are in. For instance, it’s easy to advertise a school in New York, or a tropical region with the perfect climate. Many students do prefer choosing a region first before choosing a school, hence such advertisements can put a college on a student’s map pretty fast.

Is It Good For Students?

So, now that you know about college marketing tricks, should you be worried about them? Well, not really. In fact, such marketing programs can even benefit students. First, colleges fight for attention, which means they constantly try to do better (or at least outdo each other). Secondly, many colleges try to cater to specific audiences. Thus, they create the right conditions to attract the right people. For example, colleges with strong art and music programs will strive to establish creative environments and a sense of community. Students will then feel comfortable to share their art, get inspired in common areas, and receive the appropriate support from their professors and peers. Therefore, smart marketing can help students choose the best place for themselves.

The Bottom Line

Marketing is a crucial tool for modern colleges. As competition gets tougher, schools will need to figure out ways to attract students. Of course, their marketing strategies aren’t all that different from each other. They define their preferred audience while forming strategies on how to appeal to them. Overall, these college marketing tricks can even be a good thing for students. It’s a fast way to learn about what colleges are most proud of, and the programs they can offer that are better than the other schools.

Yet, at the end of the day, there’s no higher praise for a university than to march successful graduates. Thus, the best marketing trick for colleges is to educate their students and prepare them for the real world. Professionalism, a high employment rate, and a good support system during their studies are what students really are looking for in a college.