Investors Share Their Experiences Working with Lear Capital

Los Angeles-based Lear Capital, founded in 1997 by investment professional Kevin DeMeritt, has offered portfolio diversification services, including bullion and rare coin purchases, and helped investors add physical precious metal assets to self-directed individual retirement accounts for more than 25 years.


During that time period, a number of the more than 90,000 customers the company has worked with have shared information about their experience on sites like Trustpilot, where Lear Capital has an Excellent rating, based on more than 1,200 reviews.


In addition to calling the company “the best in the business,” investors have also mentioned they appreciated the following Lear Capital services. 


Accurate, Authentic Pricing 


Due to gold’s generally inverse relationship to other asset classes, the precious metal historically has provided steady returns during times when other investments may not deliver the desired return on investment. 


Over the past two decades, for instance, gold’s value has primarily increased.


“In times of war or terrorism, usually you’re going to find the markets become extremely volatile,” Kevin DeMeritt says. “Nobody knows what’s going on from day to day. What’s the asset that gives you some stability while all those things are happening? Typically, that’s gold. It’s a great diversification tool. Gold has outperformed the stock market since 2000.”


Silver, too, has experienced considerable price increases. In 1980, for example, as the U.S. trudged through a challenging period of high inflation, silver prices skyrocketed 557%.


Lear Capital offers a wide selection of silver, gold, and platinum assets via its website, which investors can purchase and hold in a precious metals IRA.


Lear Capital is an authorized dealer by the Professional Coin Grading Service certification provider and also abides by the third-party Numismatic Guaranty Corporation coin-grading service’s standard of integrity, which guarantees coin-grading accuracy and authenticity.


The company has also been accredited by both the Precious Metals Association and Industry Council for Tangible Assets as an authorized dealer.


Noel Roque, an investor who has worked with Lear Capital, said in a Trustpilot review that he had reached out to several companies about making a precious metal asset purchase — and his positive initial interaction with Lear Capital helped prompt him to make not one, but two. 



“They gave me a fair and much appreciated discounted price,” Roque wrote. “Everyone, from the account executive, office staff [to the] CFO, were very personable and helpful. They made it an easy and enjoyable experience!”


Supplementary Resources


To ensure investors fully understand the process that’s involved in adding physical precious metal assets to an IRA account and keep them informed about the industry, Lear Capital provides news, price updates and other information via its website.


“We have a lot of resources there,” Kevin DeMeritt says. “All of it is absolutely free of charge.”


Lear Capital can also help investors track specific price points for certain precious metals. If you identify a targeted price for a precious metal asset, the company will notify you via email when it reaches that point, positioning you to act quickly and either make a purchase or sale.


The company is also happy to provide investors with an estimate of what their precious metal asset holdings are currently worth at any time, which can be helpful if you’re thinking about selling some portfolio items.


If investors can’t find the answer to a question in the materials Lear Capital offers online, they can also call an 800 number between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PST to speak with a representative.


ConsumerAffairs called working with Lear Capital “a smart choice,” noting that it provides market data and insights to assist with monitoring your investments — important information to remain actively involved with your investments.


In a review posted on the site in June, Bob, from Queen Creek, Arizona, found the email newsletter and other information Lear Capital has sent since processing his precious metals purchases helpful.


“We trust Lear Capital completely,” he said. “Owning real gold and silver provides a genuine feeling of security amid all of the crazy financial news of the day.


Personalized Customer Service


Lear Capital customers are paired with a dedicated account representative who can provide helpful information and help guide them through precious metals purchases and the process that’s involved in setting up a precious metals IRA.


The company also prioritizes transparency during the purchasing process; to ensure investors are prepared and won’t receive any unexpected fees, each step of the acquisition process is clearly defined, and per the company’s Price Advantage Guarantee, investors receive a written account agreement and confirmation of the purchase details in writing and by phone.


Buyers also have 24 hours to review their purchase after receiving their invoice, and if they decide they’d like to cancel their transaction, they are able to for no cost within the 24-hour time period.


Investor Laura Mostowski praised the company’s “helpful and pleasant” customer service in a recent Trustpilot review.


They gave me all the information I needed to determine what I wanted to buy,” Mostowski said. “They also helped me with the transfer of my money to buy my purchase. If I need help with anything, I can call anytime.”


Michele, from Bangor, Pennsylvania, shared a similar sentiment in June on ConsumerAffairs.


“All of the silver purchases I made through Lear Capital were smooth and easy,” Michele said. “The representative gave me confidence in the company and was pleasant while doing it. I would not hesitate to recommend this company and the representative I dealt with to my family and friends.


For Lear Capital, strong customer service is a cornerstone of doing business in the precious metals industry.


“I think our customers appreciate the transparency and that we help them through the process as quickly and painlessly as possible,” Kevin DeMeritt says. “We try to move as quickly as possible to get people the metals that they want.”


While some news coverage in recent years has highlighted investors’ interest in cryptocurrency, a growing number, according to DeMeritt, are investing in physical precious metal assets.


“They put a lot of faith in crypto, and it’s had a lot of volatility, so they want to diversify from digital to real gold,” he says. “It might not be their entire portfolio; [they might say], ‘I’m going to take 30% or 50% of my crypto and move that over’ — which is great.”


If you’ve been considering making a physical precious metals investment, Lear Capital can provide more information about the process — and helpful guidance to ensure it goes smoothly.


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