What is the location of the Fields of Hatred in Diablo 4, its role, rewards and benefits

Diablo 4 has a lot of mechanics. This is the study of the game world, the fight against evil and the invasion of demons, clearing dungeons, destroying world bosses, passing the game on three difficulty levels.

And what about the players who have already completed Diablo 4 more than once? Look for PvP and explore the endgame.

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Where to look for Fields of Hatred

These are two full-fledged locations that can be found in the southwest and northwest of the game map.

Why You Should Go to the Fields of Hatred

  1. Huge potential for obtaining unique mounts and armor, with weapons of sacred and legendary quality.
  2. If you avoid PVP against other players, there are a lot of dense groups of monsters in the fields, which are nice to destroy in AoE and get a lot of experience without the need for constant movement, but with increased control of the situation around to avoid sneaky attacks from other gamers.
  3. You are guaranteed to collect a lot of equipment, or buy it from the NPC Unsavory Oddities, or knock it out from elite monsters of a single and group location.
  4. An excellent and, in fact, the only free zone open to PVP, where you can go in and just look for opponents avoiding a collision with AI.


Keep in mind that the Fields of Hatred is not about farming, but about battles, and be ready to face opponents who are head and shoulders stronger than you in terms of equipment and don’t get too upset in case of death.

If you kill players with impunity for a long time, then you will be marked with a special label – Chosen by Hatred. This means that you become a priority target for all players and will become a valuable reward if you are killed.

You also need to survive this stage, where you will already receive unique seeds of hatred if you survive all attempts on your life.

To farm the main currency – red dust, just attack the same players marked by war and blood, but in case of death you will lose some of the accumulated resources.


How to activate and deactivate PVP mode in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4 there is no such concept of a one-time entry into battle, or the ability to just attack any opponent just like that.

You need to mark yourself with blood in order to be able to attack the enemy, but then you need to be prepared that anyone who wants to can fight with you and even kill you, waiting for the time when you have a minimum amount of health.

To add a PVP status to yourself, simply open the wheel of emotions and select the value of battles against other players, but be prepared for the fact that you won’t be able to simply remove this status, and you will need to go through a purification ritual.

To go through the procedure of washing off blood from oneself and terminating the character’s PVP status and the ability to choose others as a target for attack and be a potential source of threat, you need to go to the altar of purification, which are located in the Denshara or Alzuud location.


How to farm, look for Lilith’s altars and just cross the Fields of Hatred while avoiding other players.

Do not engage in battles with other players, do not activate blood mode and do not farm monsters if you are not ready to take combat responsibility for your actions and character death is not allowed in your plans.

Designate your goals for yourself and follow them – if you stop, collect resources, do not look around and stay AFK for more than two minutes, you are guaranteed to find yourself adventures with monsters, or other players.

Adjust the difficulty level of the game to a lower one if you need to activate the altars of Lilith, or perform other actions not related to a direct reward from the level of difficulty and quality of actions. The more time passes since the release, the more players will fight for the best places on the top end-game difficulty level. Sometimes rolling back to a lower difficulty for the sake of your goals will be a more thoughtful action than fighting all opponents and other obstacles, risking life, blood, experience and repairing your equipment, which wears out in case of death in enormous quantities.


What is red dust and how to get it in Diablo 4

Red dust is the currency of the Hatred Field, for which the main operations for exchanging and obtaining unique equipment are carried out.

You can destroy local monsters, their more advanced version and kill players – all this will replenish your inventory with blood dust.

Killing players will drop dust, but if you die, you will lose some of your savings.

For regularly killing other gamers, you will receive seeds of Hatred, which can be exchanged for a large amount of blood dust when interacting with the Altar of Purification. Do not forget that when you receive them, you will become the number 1 target for other players and must not die and save these seeds, otherwise your killer will get them.

When you complete all the ritual procedures and can take out a well-deserved reward, a solemn moment will come with its exchange.

You can buy many things:


  • Scrolls of empowerment that will only work in the Fields of Hatred.
  • Healing and regeneration potions.
  • Weapons and armor are related to the set and when buying all the equipment you can get good bonuses, but you will also have to save a lot.


Just in case, with enough dust, buy a scroll of chaos – it allows you to teleport to a random point in the region and in this way avoid a deadly duel if necessary.

You can also temporarily increase your defense in PVP, but the main thing is to strengthen your mount and add stability to it when fighting other players.

Your main task is to kite opponents, use territory as your advantage, attack decisively if you have already decided to attack, save resources until a really serious enemy appears and always save mana.

Catch other players on rituals and evacuations to be able to attack from one place and without having to constantly look for opponents in different parts of the Hatred Fields.

Many players do not run alone, but play with friends, so either ignore such combos or attack them with your group. To kill a superior number of enemies, there must be an advantage in the quality of equipment.