How To Watch Travelers Championship


What is the Travelers Championship?

The Travelers Championship is an annual professional golf tournament on the PGA Tour. It is held at the TPC River Highlands in Cromwell, Connecticut. Established in 1952 as the Insurance City Open, the tournament has a rich history and has become one of the premier events on the PGA Tour schedule.

Known for its exciting gameplay and stunning scenic views, the Travelers Championship attracts top-ranked professional golfers from around the world. The tournament is a favorite among players and fans alike, offering a challenging course and a generous prize fund of over $7 million.

The Travelers Championship not only showcases world-class golf but also serves as a significant charitable event. The tournament is committed to making a positive impact in the community, with proceeds benefiting various charitable organizations in the region. Over the years, the Travelers Championship has donated millions of dollars to support causes such as education, healthcare, and local initiatives.

With its rich tradition and strong community ties, the Travelers Championship has become a highlight of the professional golf calendar. Each year, thousands of spectators gather at the TPC River Highlands to witness thrilling rounds of golf and cheer on their favorite players.

Beyond the competitive aspect, the Travelers Championship offers a unique experience for attendees. The tournament features a variety of off-course activities, including a fan zone with interactive exhibits, live music performances, and delicious food and beverages from local vendors.

Whether you are a seasoned golf enthusiast or new to the sport, the Travelers Championship provides an unforgettable experience for all. It combines thrilling golf action, community engagement, and a vibrant atmosphere to create a true celebration of the game.

Dates and Time of the Tournament

The Travelers Championship is typically scheduled for the last week of June and is a four-day event, spanning from Thursday to Sunday. The specific dates for each year’s tournament can vary, so it’s important to check the official schedule for the most up-to-date information.

Throughout the tournament, spectators have the opportunity to witness world-class golf and be a part of the electric atmosphere at the TPC River Highlands. Each day of the event offers a different set of matchups and competitive rounds, building towards an exciting climax on Sunday, when the champion is ultimately crowned.

The tournament kicks off with the practice rounds on Tuesday and Wednesday, allowing the players to familiarize themselves with the course and fine-tune their skills. This is a great opportunity for fans to catch a glimpse of their favorite golfers up close and watch them prepare for the challenges ahead.

The tournament officially starts on Thursday with the opening round, where the entire field of professional golfers competes for an early lead. As the days progress, the intensity of the competition builds, as players strive to make the cut and secure their place in the weekend rounds.

Friday marks the second day of the tournament, known as the second round, where the field is narrowed as players with the lowest scores from the first two days continue their quest for the title. Those who fail to make the cut are respectfully eliminated from further competition.

Saturday is often regarded as the moving day of the tournament. With the leaderboard taking shape, players aim to position themselves for a final push on Sunday. The atmosphere on this day is electric, with spectators eagerly following their favorite golfers as they make significant moves up the rankings.

Finally, Sunday is the culmination of the Travelers Championship, as the top players battle it out for victory in the final round. The pressure is on, and every shot counts as golfers display their skill, mental fortitude, and strategic decision-making to secure a coveted spot in the winner’s circle.

Throughout the tournament, tee times vary depending on the size of the field and other logistical considerations. It’s advised to check the official tournament schedule or related media for the specific tee times each day.

Overall, the Travelers Championship offers a thrilling week of professional golf, packed with exciting moments and memorable performances. Whether you attend for a single day or experience the entire tournament, you can expect to witness the world’s best golfers in action and be part of an unforgettable sporting spectacle.

Television Coverage

The Travelers Championship enjoys extensive television coverage, allowing fans from around the world to watch the tournament unfold from the comfort of their homes. The event is broadcasted by various television networks, providing comprehensive coverage of the thrilling golf action.

One of the primary broadcasters of the Travelers Championship is the Golf Channel. As the leading golf-dedicated network, the Golf Channel provides in-depth coverage throughout the tournament. Fans can tune in to watch live rounds, highlights, analysis, and interviews with players, providing a comprehensive viewing experience.

In addition to the Golf Channel, CBS Sports also broadcasts the tournament. This renowned network covers the weekend rounds, including the final round on Sunday, where the winner is ultimately determined. CBS provides detailed commentary, expert analysis, and on-course reporting to bring the excitement of the Travelers Championship directly to viewers’ screens.

Both the Golf Channel and CBS Sports offer multi-platform coverage, allowing fans to watch the tournament on television, online, or through various mobile applications. This flexibility ensures that fans can enjoy the action no matter where they are.

It’s important to check the local television listings or the official tournament website for the specific schedule and channels broadcasting the Travelers Championship in your region. Depending on your location, the coverage might be available on different networks or delayed due to time zone differences.

As a major PGA Tour event, the Travelers Championship attracts a global audience. International broadcasters also provide coverage, bringing the tournament to fans across the globe. Networks such as Sky Sports in the United Kingdom, TSN in Canada, and Fox Sports in Australia are among the international broadcasters that showcase the event to their respective audiences.

Overall, the extensive television coverage of the Travelers Championship ensures that fans can immerse themselves in the excitement and drama of the tournament, following their favorite golfers as they compete for glory on the beautiful greens of the TPC River Highlands.

Online Streaming Options

For fans who prefer to stream the Travelers Championship online, there are various platforms and options available to catch all the live golf action.

One of the primary online streaming options for the tournament is PGA Tour Live. This official PGA Tour platform provides live coverage of select featured groups and holes throughout the entire tournament. Subscribers to PGA Tour Live can enjoy an enhanced viewing experience with exclusive coverage, in-depth analysis, and access to historical tournament footage.

In addition to PGA Tour Live, the official website of the Travelers Championship also offers live streaming of the tournament. The website provides a dedicated live stream page where fans can access the action in real-time. This is a convenient option for those who want to watch the tournament without the need for a subscription.

Furthermore, several television networks that broadcast the Travelers Championship also provide online streaming options. The Golf Channel and CBS Sports, for example, offer live streaming through their respective websites and mobile applications. This allows fans to stream the tournament from their computer, smartphone, or tablet, providing flexibility and convenience.

Social media platforms have also emerged as popular avenues for live streaming golf tournaments. The PGA Tour and the Travelers Championship often utilize platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to provide live coverage and highlights. These social media streams give fans the opportunity to stay connected and catch the latest developments, even if they are on the go.

It’s important to note that streaming options may vary based on geographical location and broadcasting rights. Some platforms or streams may be restricted to certain regions or require authentication through a cable or satellite provider. Checking the official tournament website or the websites of the respective broadcasters will provide the most accurate and up-to-date information on available streaming options.

Streaming the Travelers Championship online allows fans to experience the tournament’s excitement and drama in a convenient and flexible manner. Whether through dedicated platforms, official tournament websites, or social media streams, online streaming options provide a fantastic way for golf enthusiasts to stay connected to the action and never miss a moment of the tournament.

International Broadcast

The Travelers Championship, being a highly anticipated PGA Tour event, enjoys international broadcast coverage, ensuring that fans from around the world can tune in and follow the tournament.

In the United Kingdom, Sky Sports is the primary broadcaster of the Travelers Championship. Sky Sports offers comprehensive coverage of the tournament, including live rounds, highlights, analysis, and interviews with players. Golf fans in the UK can immerse themselves in the excitement of the event by tuning in to Sky Sports’ dedicated golf channel or streaming the coverage through the Sky Go app.

In Canada, TSN (The Sports Network) is the go-to broadcaster for the Travelers Championship. TSN provides live coverage of the tournament, ensuring that Canadian golf enthusiasts can watch their favorite golfers in action. Viewers can catch the tournament on TSN’s television channels or stream the coverage online through the TSN app or website.

Australia also has its own dedicated coverage of the Travelers Championship. Fox Sports broadcasts the tournament, allowing Australian fans to watch the exciting golf action unfold. Fox Sports offers live coverage as well as highlight reels and analysis, providing a comprehensive viewing experience for Australian golf enthusiasts.

In various other countries, international sports channels such as ESPN and Eurosport also provide coverage of the Travelers Championship. These networks ensure that fans from different regions can tune in and enjoy the tournament. Coverage may include live rounds, highlights, player interviews, and expert analysis, giving viewers a well-rounded perspective of the event.

For fans who cannot access dedicated international broadcasts, there are often online streaming options available. The PGA Tour Live platform, for example, offers its streaming services internationally, allowing fans in different countries to watch select featured groups and holes of the tournament.

It’s important for viewers outside of the United States to check their local television listings or the official websites of international broadcasters to determine the specific channels and schedules for the Travelers Championship coverage in their region. Broadcasting rights and availability may vary depending on the country.

The Travelers Championship’s international broadcast coverage ensures that golf fans around the world can join in the excitement and follow their favorite golfers as they compete in this prestigious event. Whether through dedicated sports channels or online streaming options, international viewers have the opportunity to be a part of the tournament and witness the unforgettable moments that unfold on the TPC River Highlands.

Radio Coverage

In addition to television and online streaming, the Travelers Championship also provides radio coverage, allowing fans to stay connected to the tournament while on the move or away from a screen.

The flagship radio station for the Travelers Championship is typically CBS Sports Radio. CBS Sports Radio offers comprehensive coverage of the tournament, providing live updates, analysis, player interviews, and commentary throughout the day. Fans can tune in to their local CBS Sports Radio affiliate station or listen online through the CBS Sports website or mobile app.

Another notable radio broadcaster for the tournament is PGA Tour Radio. This official PGA Tour radio platform features live coverage, updates, and analysis from the event. PGA Tour Radio provides a unique perspective on the tournament, offering insights and commentary from experienced golf announcers and experts.

Local radio stations in the host area of the Travelers Championship may also cover the tournament, providing updates, player interviews, and analysis specific to the regional audience. This allows local fans to stay connected to the event and support their favorite players from their home region.

For those who prefer to listen on the go, various mobile applications and websites offer radio streaming services. Radio.com and TuneIn, for example, provide access to a wide range of radio stations, including those covering the Travelers Championship. Listeners can choose from different stations and find the one offering coverage of the tournament to stay up to date with the latest developments.

Radio coverage of the Travelers Championship ensures that fans can follow the tournament’s progress and stay engaged even without access to television or internet streaming. Whether driving in the car, at work, or out and about, radio coverage allows golf enthusiasts to keep track of the tournament and experience the excitement through live updates and expert analysis.

Listeners are advised to check the official tournament website or the websites of the respective radio broadcasters for the specific radio coverage schedule and available frequencies or streaming services in their area. This will provide the most accurate information on how to access the radio coverage of the Travelers Championship.

With radio coverage, fans can be in the know and closely follow the action, ensuring they don’t miss any key moments or thrilling shots during the Travelers Championship.

Social Media Coverage

Social media has revolutionized the way sports fans engage with their favorite events, and the Travelers Championship is no exception. With its large and passionate fan base, the tournament utilizes various social media platforms to provide extensive coverage and give fans an interactive and immersive experience.

The official Travelers Championship social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, are highly active during the tournament. These accounts provide real-time updates, behind-the-scenes footage, highlights, player interviews, and engaging content to keep fans informed and entertained.

On Twitter, fans can follow the official tournament account and join the conversation using tournament-specific hashtags, such as #TravelersChampionship. This allows fans to connect with other golf enthusiasts, share their thoughts, and stay updated on the latest news and developments.

Facebook and Instagram provide a visual feast for fans, featuring captivating images and videos from the tournament. Fans can follow the official Travelers Championship accounts and enjoy exclusive content from the event, including player spotlights, course insights, and fan interactions.

YouTube serves as a platform for longer-form content, such as tournament recaps, player interviews, and highlights. Fans can subscribe to the official Travelers Championship channel and access a wealth of video content related to the tournament.

In addition to the official tournament accounts, many golfers, media outlets, and golf influencers also utilize social media to cover the Travelers Championship. Following popular golfers on platforms like Twitter and Instagram allows fans to get a personal glimpse into their experiences and receive updates directly from the players themselves.

Furthermore, social media platforms provide opportunities for fans to participate in contests, challenges, and interactive features. The tournament may run fan engagement initiatives, such as photo contests or prediction games, that allow fans to showcase their support and win exclusive prizes.

It’s important to note that while social media provides real-time updates, it may not offer full live coverage of the tournament. However, platforms like Twitter often provide live updates on key moments, leaderboards, and notable performances.

Whether it’s checking the latest scores, watching interviews with players, or simply immersing oneself in the excitement of the event, social media coverage of the Travelers Championship offers fans a dynamic and interactive way to experience the tournament like never before.

To stay connected and enjoy the all-encompassing social media coverage of the Travelers Championship, fans are encouraged to follow the official tournament accounts, engage with other fans, and keep an eye out for exclusive content and interactive features throughout the tournament week.

Tips for Watching the Tournament

Watching the Travelers Championship can be an exciting and enjoyable experience for golf fans. Whether you’re attending the tournament in person or following it from the comfort of your home, here are some tips to enhance your viewing experience:

  • Plan Ahead: If you plan to attend the tournament in person, make sure to check the official website for information on tickets, parking, and any COVID-19 safety protocols. Arriving early will allow you to explore the venue, find the best viewing spots, and avoid missing any key moments.
  • Follow the Storylines: Familiarize yourself with the top players, their recent performances, and any interesting storylines surrounding the tournament. This will enhance your understanding of the competition and make it more engaging to follow.
  • Stay Updated: Keep an eye on the tournament’s official website, social media accounts, and other reliable sources for updates on tee times, player pairings, and any schedule changes. This will ensure that you don’t miss any crucial rounds or exciting matchups.
  • Watch Featured Groups: If you have access to PGA Tour Live or other streaming options, consider watching the featured groups or players of interest. This allows you to closely follow the progress of your favorite golfers and witness their shots and strategies in detail.
  • Engage on Social Media: Join the conversation on social media platforms like Twitter by using tournament-specific hashtags, following players, and interacting with other fans. This will give you a sense of community and provide additional insights and perspectives on the tournament.
  • Pay Attention to Course Strategy: Take note of the challenges and unique features of the TPC River Highlands course. Understanding the layout and strategic elements can deepen your appreciation for the players’ skills and decision-making throughout the tournament.
  • Listen to Commentary: If you’re watching the tournament on television or online, pay attention to the commentators’ insights and analysis. They provide valuable information about the player’s performance, course conditions, and other factors that can impact the outcome of the tournament.
  • Celebrate the Atmosphere: Whether you’re at the venue or watching from home, soak in the atmosphere and excitement of the tournament. Cheer for your favorite players, celebrate great shots, and embrace the camaraderie among golf enthusiasts.
  • Enjoy the Off-Course Activities: If you’re attending the tournament, take advantage of the off-course activities, such as interactive exhibits, fan zones, and live music performances. These experiences can enhance your overall enjoyment and make the event more memorable.
  • Stay Hydrated and Protected: If you’re attending the tournament in person, bring sunscreen, wear a hat, and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Protecting yourself from the sun and staying properly hydrated will help you stay comfortable throughout the day.

By following these tips, you can maximize your experience watching the Travelers Championship and fully immerse yourself in the world of professional golf. Whether you’re attending in person or watching from afar, these strategies will help you appreciate the talent, excitement, and thrilling moments that make the tournament so special.

Player Lineup and Favorites

The Travelers Championship attracts some of the world’s top-ranked professional golfers, making it a highly competitive event. Each year, the tournament showcases a stellar lineup of players, creating anticipation and excitement among golf fans. Here are some notable players to watch for and a few fan favorites:

  • Dustin Johnson: As one of the most dominant players in the world, Dustin Johnson is always a strong contender in any tournament he enters. With his powerful drives and consistent performances, he has the skills to excel on the challenging TPC River Highlands course.
  • Brooks Koepka: Known for his impressive major championship victories, Brooks Koepka is a force to be reckoned with. His aggressive style of play and ability to handle pressure make him a formidable competitor in the Travelers Championship.
  • Justin Thomas: Justin Thomas is known for his polished technique and remarkable consistency. With a well-rounded game and a strong mental approach, he has the potential to make a significant impact in the tournament.
  • Bubba Watson: Bubba Watson is a fan favorite at the Travelers Championship, having won the tournament three times. Known for his creative shot-making and exceptional skill around the greens, he is always a contender on the TPC River Highlands course.
  • Patrick Cantlay: With his impressive ball-striking ability and poise under pressure, Patrick Cantlay is a rising star in the golf world. He has shown consistent performances in recent years and is expected to make his presence felt in the tournament.
  • Phil Mickelson: Considered one of the greatest golfers of all time, Phil Mickelson brings experience and charisma to the Travelers Championship. Known for his incredible short game and fearless approach, he has the potential to perform exceptionally well in this tournament.

While these players are often considered among the favorites, the field is filled with talented golfers who can make a strong impact on any given day. The Travelers Championship has a history of producing unexpected winners, adding to the excitement and unpredictability of the event.

It’s important to keep an eye on the leaderboard and follow the performance of rising stars and seasoned veterans alike. The tournament provides an opportunity for emerging talent to shine and for established players to assert their dominance.

Remember, golf is a sport where anything can happen, and an underdog can unexpectedly emerge as the champion. That’s what makes watching the Travelers Championship so thrilling and captivating for golf fans.

As the tournament unfolds, pay attention to the standout performances, impressive shots, and emerging storylines. Witnessing the brilliance of these skilled athletes competing on a challenging course is what makes the Travelers Championship a must-watch event for golf enthusiasts.

Notable Moments from Previous Travelers Championships

The Travelers Championship has provided golf fans with countless memorable moments throughout its storied history. From incredible shots to thrilling finishes, here are some notable moments that have left a lasting impact on the tournament:

  • Jordan Spieth’s Bunker Shot to Win: In 2017, Jordan Spieth delivered an unforgettable moment on the 18th hole. He found himself in a greenside bunker but managed to sink an incredible 60-foot shot for birdie to secure a one-shot victory. This shot showcased Spieth’s skill, composure, and ability to perform under pressure.
  • The Duel in the Dark: In 2010, Bubba Watson and Corey Pavin engaged in a thrilling sudden-death playoff. As darkness descended upon the course, the two golfers battled it out, with Watson eventually emerging as the champion. The dramatic finish and the determination displayed by both players created an unforgettable spectacle.
  • Jim Furyk’s Historic 58: In 2016, Jim Furyk etched his name in the record books by shooting a remarkable 58 in the final round. This historic score became the lowest ever recorded in a PGA Tour event and showcased Furyk’s incredible skill and precision on the TPC River Highlands course.
  • Ken Duke’s Hole-Out Eagle: In 2013, Ken Duke produced a clutch shot on the 72nd hole to force a playoff. He holed out from over 150 yards for eagle, capping off a remarkable comeback and ultimately securing his first PGA Tour victory. Duke’s shot will forever be remembered as one of the most thrilling and clutch moments in Travelers Championship history.
  • Rory McIlroy’s Walk-Off Victory: In 2019, Rory McIlroy delivered an electrifying finish with a walk-off birdie on the 18th hole. He sank a putt from roughly 10 feet to secure the victory by one stroke. McIlroy’s closing birdie served as a testament to his skill and the thrilling nature of the Travelers Championship.

These are just a few examples of the many remarkable moments that have unfolded at the Travelers Championship. The tournament’s rich history is filled with incredible shots, record-breaking performances, and dramatic finishes, capturing the imagination and hearts of golf fans around the world.

As golf enthusiasts tune in to watch the Travelers Championship each year, they eagerly anticipate the possibility of witnessing another iconic moment that will be etched in tournament lore. The combination of a challenging course, fierce competition, and the pressure cooker atmosphere has consistently provided the stage for these unforgettable moments.

With each new edition of the Travelers Championship, the stage is set for more extraordinary performances that will leave a lasting impression on golf fans and carry on the legacy of this prestigious tournament.