How To Watch The Hustle


Cast and Crew

Cast: The Hustle features an amazing cast that brings the story to life. Anne Hathaway takes on the role of Josephine Chesterfield, a glamorous and sophisticated con artist. Rebel Wilson portrays Penny Rust, a quirky and unrefined scammer. Other notable cast members include Alex Sharp as Thomas Westerburg and Dean Norris as Howard Bacon.

Crew: Behind the scenes, The Hustle boasts a talented crew that has seamlessly crafted the film. Director Chris Addison, known for his work in television shows like “The Thick of It” and “Veep,” brings his unique comedic flair to the project. Jac Schaeffer pens the screenplay, infusing the script with witty dialogue and clever plot twists. The film’s producers, including Roger Birnbaum and Rebel Wilson, ensure that every aspect of the production is top-notch.

Together, the cast and crew of The Hustle create a dynamic and entertaining film experience. With their combined talents and creativity, they deliver a stellar performance that keeps audiences on the edge of their seat.


In “The Hustle,” Josephine Chesterfield (Anne Hathaway) and Penny Rust (Rebel Wilson) are two con artists with different styles but a shared goal – to outsmart and swindle wealthy men out of their fortunes. Josephine is a refined and elegant scammer who preys on unsuspecting men in glamorous settings. Penny, on the other hand, is a street-smart hustler who uses her wit and charm to deceive her targets.

When the two women cross paths on the French Riviera, they initially clash over their conflicting methods and territorial territory. However, they eventually decide to team up and combine their unique skills to pull off the ultimate heist. Their target? A young and tech-savvy millionaire named Thomas Westerburg (Alex Sharp).

As Josephine and Penny employ their cunning tactics and employ a series of elaborate schemes, they engage in a hilarious battle of wits and charm. Along the way, they discover that they have more in common than they originally thought. They form an unlikely friendship and learn valuable life lessons from each other, ultimately challenging societal norms and redefining what it means to be a successful woman in a male-dominated world.

With its blend of comedy, wit, and female empowerment, “The Hustle” takes viewers on a thrilling and entertaining journey filled with unexpected twists and turns. It showcases the talents of two brilliant leading ladies who prove that when it comes to conning the con artists, nobody does it better.

Release Date

“The Hustle” was released on May 10, 2019, in theaters worldwide. The film was highly anticipated by fans of both Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson, who were excited to see the duo team up for a hilarious and stylish heist comedy.

The release date was strategically chosen to coincide with the start of the summer movie season, offering audiences a fun and entertaining option amidst the blockbuster lineup. The film’s lighthearted and comedic nature made it a perfect choice for a wide release, appealing to a broad range of moviegoers.

Leading up to the release, the film generated buzz and excitement with its clever marketing campaign. Trailers and teasers showcased the chemistry between Hathaway and Wilson, teasing audiences with the humor and hijinks they could expect from the film.

“The Hustle” premiered to mixed reviews from critics, with some praising the comedic performances and chemistry of the lead actresses, while others felt that the film fell short in terms of originality and plot development. However, despite the mixed reception, the film found an audience and managed to draw in moviegoers looking for a laughter-filled escape.

Overall, the release of “The Hustle” on May 10, 2019, marked a momentous occasion for fans of comedy and heist films. It served as a refreshing addition to the cinematic landscape, offering a light-hearted and entertaining option for audiences looking for a fun-filled movie experience.

Where to Watch

“The Hustle” is now available to watch in various formats, allowing audiences to enjoy the film from the comfort of their own homes or at their local theaters. Here are the primary options for watching this comedic heist movie:

Theatrical Release: Upon its initial release, “The Hustle” was screened in theaters worldwide. While the film has now completed its theatrical run, you may still be able to catch it at select independent theaters or during special screenings. Check your local movie listings to see if “The Hustle” is playing near you.

Digital Rental/Purchase: “The Hustle” is available for digital rental or purchase on platforms like Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu. This allows you to stream or download the film to your preferred device, giving you the flexibility to watch it whenever and wherever you choose.

Streaming Services: Depending on your subscription, you may find “The Hustle” available for streaming on popular platforms like Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+. However, the availability of the film on these services can vary from region to region, so it’s advisable to check the content library in your specific country to see if it’s included.

DVD/Blu-ray: For those who prefer physical media, “The Hustle” is also available on DVD and Blu-ray. You can find these formats from various online retailers or your local video rental store. This option allows you to add the film to your collection and watch it on your TV or computer at any time.

With these different options for viewing, you can choose the most convenient and enjoyable method to watch “The Hustle.” Whether you prefer the big screen experience, digital streaming, or physical discs, there’s a way for everyone to enjoy this laughter-filled heist film.

Reviews and Ratings

“The Hustle” received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike upon its release. The film’s comedic performances and chemistry between Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson were praised, but there were also criticisms of the plot and lack of originality. Here is a summary of the reviews and ratings for “The Hustle”:

Critical Reception: Critics had diverse opinions on “The Hustle.” Some viewed it as a fun and entertaining comedy that showcased the comedic talents of its lead actresses. They appreciated the witty dialogue and the film’s stylish presentation. However, others felt that the plot was predictable and lacked depth, resulting in a less satisfying experience. Overall, the critical response was mixed, with a rating of around 50% on review aggregator websites like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.

Audience Feedback: The film garnered a more positive response from audiences who appreciated the comedic performances and the chemistry between Hathaway and Wilson. Many moviegoers found the film to be a hilarious and enjoyable escape, appreciating its light-hearted nature and the entertaining dynamic between the two leading ladies. Despite the mixed critical reception, the film managed to resonate with its target audience, resulting in higher audience ratings compared to the critics.

It’s important to note that personal preferences may vary, and what one person finds funny, another may not. Reviews and ratings can offer guidance, but ultimately, the best way to judge “The Hustle” is to watch it and form your own opinion. So, if you’re a fan of comedy and enjoy the comedic talents of Hathaway and Wilson, “The Hustle” may be worth a watch.

Similar Movies

If you enjoyed “The Hustle” and are looking for similar films that blend comedy and heist elements, here are some recommendations to consider:

  • Ocean’s 8 (2018): Directed by Gary Ross, this star-studded heist comedy features a female-led ensemble cast, including Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, and Anne Hathaway. Like “The Hustle,” it revolves around a group of women executing an elaborate con to steal a valuable necklace during the Met Gala.
  • Focus (2015): Starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie, “Focus” follows a seasoned con artist who takes a novice under his wing as they navigate the world of high-stakes deception. It combines romance, comedy, and thrilling twists in a similar vein to “The Hustle.”
  • Now You See Me (2013): This heist thriller directed by Louis Leterrier features a star-studded cast, including Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, and Isla Fisher. It follows a group of illusionists who use their skills to perform heists and outwit the authorities.
  • The Sting (1973): Considered a classic in the genre, “The Sting” stars Paul Newman and Robert Redford as a duo who plot an intricate con against a dangerous gangster. It combines humor, suspense, and memorable twists in a way that has influenced many heist films that followed.
  • Gambit (2012): Directed by Michael Hoffman, “Gambit” is a British comedy heist film starring Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz. It follows an art curator and an eccentric Texas rodeo queen as they devise a plan to con a wealthy collector. The film offers a blend of comedy, romance, and clever schemes.

These films share the comedic and heist elements found in “The Hustle,” providing a range of options for fans of the genre to explore. Whether you’re drawn to star-studded ensembles, slick con artists, or thrilling heists, these movies will keep you entertained with their clever plots and entertaining performances.

Trivia and Behind the Scenes

“The Hustle” has some interesting trivia and behind-the-scenes tidbits that add depth to the film’s production. Here are a few fascinating facts about the movie:

  • Inspiration: “The Hustle” is a remake of the 1988 comedy film “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,” which itself was a remake of the 1964 film “Bedtime Story.” The original story and concept have been adapted for a modern audience, putting a fresh spin on the classic con artist tale.
  • Changing the Setting: While the original film was set in the French Riviera, “The Hustle” brings the story to the glamorous backdrop of the French Riviera and the picturesque locations of Beaumont-sur-Mer and Cannes.
  • Female-Led Production: “The Hustle” marks a significant shift from its predecessors by prominently featuring female leads and a female director. This serves as a testament to the growing representation of women in key roles in the film industry.
  • Wardrobe Choices: The costumes in “The Hustle” were meticulously designed to reflect the personalities of the characters. Josephine’s wardrobe consists of elegant and sophisticated outfits, while Penny’s style is more bohemian and vibrant, enhancing their respective personas.
  • On-Screen Chemistry: Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson developed a strong bond while filming “The Hustle,” which translated into their on-screen chemistry. They used improvisation during certain scenes, creating an authentic and comedic dynamic between their characters.
  • Physical Comedy: Rebel Wilson brings her physical comedy skills to the forefront in “The Hustle.” Some of her scenes required her to perform stunts and physical gags, adding an extra layer of humor to the film.

These behind-the-scenes trivia details provide insights into the making of “The Hustle” and give audiences a deeper appreciation for the film. From its inspirations to the creative choices made by the cast and crew, these elements contribute to the overall enjoyment of the movie.

Box Office Performance

“The Hustle” had a moderate success at the box office, garnering attention from audiences and fans of the lead actresses, Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson. Here are some highlights of the film’s box office performance:

Upon its release, “The Hustle” debuted at number three at the domestic box office, earning approximately $13.5 million in its opening weekend. The film continued to perform steadily, ultimately grossing around $35 million domestically and $95 million worldwide.

While these numbers may not place “The Hustle” among the biggest blockbusters, it still managed to turn a profit, considering its budget was around $21 million. The film’s success can be attributed to the star power and comedic talents of Hathaway and Wilson, as well as the appeal of the heist comedy genre.

Internationally, the film performed particularly well in markets like the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany, where fans of both actresses flocked to theaters. It’s worth noting that the film’s global box office performance exceeded expectations, solidifying its status as a crowd-pleasing comedy.

Despite a mixed critical reception, “The Hustle” found its audience and provided a lighthearted and entertaining movie experience for those looking for a comedy with a twist. Its box office performance showcases the enduring popularity of the heist comedy genre and the appeal of its leading stars.

Overall, while “The Hustle” may not have broken records or reached blockbuster status, its box office performance can be considered a success, and it continues to entertain audiences through home media and streaming platforms.


“The Hustle” has inspired a range of merchandise, allowing fans to bring their love for the film into their everyday lives. Here are some of the merchandise options available for fans to enjoy:

  • Official Soundtrack: The film’s official soundtrack, featuring a collection of energetic and catchy songs, is available for purchase or streaming. Fans can enjoy the music that accompanied the comedic moments and thrilling scenes of “The Hustle.”
  • Blu-ray/DVD: One of the most common ways to enjoy “The Hustle” at home is by owning a copy of the film on Blu-ray or DVD. These physical media options offer the advantage of high-quality video and audio, along with bonus features such as behind-the-scenes footage, making-of documentaries, and interviews with the cast and crew.
  • Apparel and Accessories: For fans who want to show off their love for “The Hustle,” there are various apparel and accessories available. T-shirts, hoodies, caps, and other clothing items featuring the film’s logo or memorable quotes allow fans to display their enthusiasm. Additionally, accessories like phone cases, keychains, and posters can enhance the fandom experience.
  • Collectibles: Collectible items related to the film are also available for avid fans. These may include action figures or figurines of the main characters, replica props, or limited edition art prints. Collectibles offer a tangible way for fans to incorporate their love for “The Hustle” into their personal collections.
  • Books and Graphic Novels: Sometimes, film adaptations or companion books are released alongside the movie. These books may provide additional insights into the story, the characters, or the production process. Fans can delve deeper into the world of “The Hustle” through these literary offerings.

From music and physical media to apparel and collectible items, the merchandise options for “The Hustle” cater to a wide range of fans. Whether you want to show off your love for the film through clothing or dive deeper into the story with books and collectibles, there are plenty of ways to enhance your enjoyment of this entertaining heist comedy.


“The Hustle” features a lively and energetic soundtrack that complements the film’s comedic and thrilling moments. Packed with a mix of classic hits and contemporary tracks, the soundtrack adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the viewing experience. Here are some notable songs from “The Hustle” soundtrack:

  • “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa: This iconic hip-hop track sets the tone for the film’s comedic and empowering moments. Its catchy beats and playful lyrics perfectly match the film’s lighthearted atmosphere.
  • “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars: This infectious and upbeat song by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson adds a touch of funk and groove to “The Hustle.” Its energetic rhythm and catchy melodies make it a perfect accompaniment to the film’s fast-paced sequences.
  • “Material Girl” by Madonna: A classic hit from the 1980s, this Madonna song fits perfectly within the film’s theme of luxury, glamour, and the art of seduction. Its playful and catchy chorus adds a fun and memorable element to “The Hustle.”
  • “Lady Marmalade” by Labelle: This iconic disco track gets a modern twist in “The Hustle,” with its sultry vocals and infectious rhythms. It perfectly captures the sassy and confident attitude of the characters, adding energy to key scenes.
  • “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” by Justin Timberlake: Known for its upbeat and feel-good vibe, this Justin Timberlake hit brings a sense of joy and celebration to the film. Its infectious chorus and energetic melodies make it a perfect fit for “The Hustle’s” lighter moments.

These are just a few examples of the songs that make up “The Hustle” soundtrack. They create a vibrant and engaging atmosphere, elevating the comedic and thrilling elements of the film. The soundtrack can be enjoyed not only while watching the movie but also as a standalone playlist that brings back the memories and excitement of “The Hustle.”

Spin-off or Sequel Possibilities

“The Hustle” has the potential to pave the way for spin-offs or sequels exploring the world of con artists and the humorous dynamics between cunning individuals. While no official announcements have been made, here are some possible directions for future iterations:

Spin-off Featuring Supporting Characters: The film introduced a diverse and intriguing cast of characters beyond the main leads. A spin-off focusing on one or more of these characters could delve deeper into their backstories, motivations, and their own con artist escapades. This would provide an opportunity to expand the world of “The Hustle” and explore different comedic dynamics.

Continuation of Josephine and Penny’s Journey: Fans of “The Hustle” may be interested in seeing what misadventures Josephine and Penny find themselves in next. A sequel could follow their continuing escapades, this time taking on a more challenging heist or exploring their evolving friendship and personal growth. This would give Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson another opportunity to showcase their comedic talents in this dynamic duo.

Crossover with a Different Heist Franchise: One exciting possibility could be a crossover between “The Hustle” and another well-known heist franchise. Imagine Josephine and Penny teaming up with iconic characters from films like “Ocean’s Eleven” or “Now You See Me,” combining their unique skills and comedic charm for an epic collaboration. This could create a thrilling and entertaining crossover event for fans of the genre.

Prequel Exploring the Origins of Con Artists: Another intriguing option is a prequel that delves into the earlier lives of Josephine and Penny, revealing how they became skilled con artists. Exploring their beginnings, the challenges they faced, and the formative experiences that shaped them would provide a deeper understanding of their characters and their conning abilities.

While these are just possibilities, they illustrate the potential for the world of “The Hustle” to expand and evolve in future iterations. With its comedic tone and compelling characters, the film lends itself to further exploration and humorous heist adventures that would surely delight audiences.