How To Watch Out-Of-Market NFL Games Without DirecTV


Streaming Services That Carry NFL Games

In today’s digital age, streaming services have become increasingly popular for watching live sports events, including NFL games. Gone are the days of relying solely on cable or satellite TV subscriptions. Now, football fans have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to streaming NFL games online. Here are some of the top streaming services that carry NFL games:

  1. ESPN+: ESPN+ is a popular streaming service that offers a wide range of sporting events, including NFL games. Subscribers can access exclusive content, live games, and on-demand replays, making it a great option for football fans looking to catch all the action.
  2. FuboTV: FuboTV is a comprehensive streaming service that provides access to NFL games through various channels, including CBS, NBC, FOX, and the NFL Network. With FuboTV, subscribers can enjoy live games, highlights, and DVR capabilities to never miss a play.
  3. Sling TV: Sling TV offers different subscription packages that include channels like ESPN, NBC, and NFL Network, allowing viewers to stream NFL games live. The service also offers cloud DVR storage, so you can record games to watch later.
  4. CBS All Access: As the name suggests, CBS All Access provides subscribers with access to exclusive CBS content, including live NFL games. This streaming service is a great choice for fans who want to watch games broadcasted by CBS.
  5. Amazon Prime Video: Amazon Prime Video has started streaming Thursday Night Football games. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can enjoy live NFL games and gain access to additional features like X-Ray, which provides real-time player stats and other interactive elements.
  6. NFL Game Pass: NFL Game Pass is the official streaming service of the NFL, allowing subscribers to watch every NFL game on-demand. While live games are subject to blackout restrictions, this service is perfect for catching up on missed games and streaming content throughout the season.

These are just a few of the streaming services that carry NFL games. It’s important to note that availability may vary depending on your location and the specific games you want to watch. Subscribing to one or more of these services can be a cost-effective and convenient way to catch your favorite NFL teams in action without the need for a traditional cable or satellite TV subscription.

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is the ultimate streaming service for die-hard football fans. With NFL Game Pass, subscribers can access an extensive library of on-demand NFL content, making it a perfect option for those who want to watch games on their own schedule. Here’s what you need to know about NFL Game Pass:

Live Games and On-Demand Replays: While NFL Game Pass does not offer live streaming of regular season games, it provides on-demand replays shortly after the games have ended. This allows subscribers to watch any NFL game they missed, at their convenience. However, please note that live games are available during the preseason and do not include playoff games or the Super Bowl.

All-22 Coaches Film: One of the standout features of NFL Game Pass is access to the All-22 Coaches Film. This feature provides an overhead view of the entire field, allowing fans to analyze plays and gain a deeper understanding of the game. It’s a valuable resource for those who enjoy dissecting strategies and the technical aspects of football.

Condensed Games: For fans who don’t have the time to watch full-length games, NFL Game Pass offers condensed versions that condense the entire game into roughly 45 minutes. These condensed games include all the key plays and moments, making it easier to catch up on multiple games in a shorter amount of time.

Archive Access: NFL Game Pass provides access to an extensive archive of past NFL seasons, including Super Bowl matchups, classic games, and NFL documentaries. This feature allows football aficionados to relive historic moments and watch iconic games from years past.

Multi-Device Compatibility: NFL Game Pass can be accessed on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and streaming devices. This flexibility allows subscribers to watch games and content on their preferred platform, whether it’s at home or on the go.

International Access: NFL Game Pass is available to fans outside of the United States and offers live streaming of regular-season and playoff games. This is a great option for NFL enthusiasts living abroad who want consistent access to all the football action.

NFL Game Pass is a comprehensive streaming service that caters to the needs of true football fans. Whether you want to catch up on missed games, dive into in-depth analysis, or relive iconic football moments, NFL Game Pass has got you covered. It is a must-have for any passionate fan looking to enhance their football viewing experience.

Sports Bars and Restaurants

For many football fans, watching NFL games at a sports bar or restaurant is an exciting and social way to experience the action. These establishments offer a lively atmosphere, multiple screens, and a chance to connect with fellow fans. Here’s why sports bars and restaurants are a popular choice for watching NFL games:

Big Screens and Surround Sound: Sports bars and restaurants are equipped with large high-definition screens and impressive surround sound systems, creating an immersive viewing experience. The combination of a high-quality display and booming sound amplifies the excitement of the game, making you feel like you’re part of the action.

Multiple Games at Once: Sports bars and restaurants often have multiple screens, allowing fans to watch several games simultaneously. This is particularly beneficial on Sundays, when multiple NFL games are being played at the same time. You can keep track of your favorite team while still catching the highlights of other games.

Food and Drinks: One of the perks of watching NFL games at a sports bar or restaurant is having a wide selection of food and drinks at your disposal. From classic game-day snacks like buffalo wings and nachos to a variety of beers on tap, these establishments cater to both your appetite and thirst while you enjoy the games.

Social Atmosphere: Watching NFL games at a sports bar or restaurant allows you to share the excitement with fellow fans. You can engage in spirited discussions, cheer for your team together, and potentially even make new friends who share your passion for football.

Game-Day Specials and Promotions: Many sports bars and restaurants offer game-day specials and promotions to attract fans. These can include discounted food and drink options, giveaways, and even contests during halftime. It adds to the overall experience and makes watching games at these establishments even more enjoyable.

Avoiding Blackout Restrictions: In some cases, local broadcast television may face blackout restrictions for certain NFL games. However, sports bars and restaurants usually have access to satellite or cable TV subscriptions, allowing them to bypass these restrictions. This means you can still watch your desired game, even if it’s not available on local channels.

Sports bars and restaurants provide a vibrant and communal atmosphere for watching NFL games. With the combination of large screens, great food and drinks, and the camaraderie of fellow fans, these establishments offer a unique game-day experience that enhances your enjoyment of the sport. So, gather your friends and head to your favorite sports bar or restaurant to cheer on your team and soak up the electrifying atmosphere.

Local Broadcast Television

Local broadcast television remains a reliable and accessible option for watching NFL games. Many local networks, such as NBC, CBS, FOX, and ABC, air a significant number of NFL games throughout the season. Here’s a closer look at why local broadcast television is a popular choice for football fans:

Free and Over-the-Air: One of the biggest advantages of local broadcast television is that it is free and available over-the-air. All you need is an antenna to receive the signals, making it an appealing option for budget-conscious viewers who want to watch NFL games without any additional subscription costs.

Wide Coverage: Local broadcast networks typically have agreements with the NFL to showcase a variety of games, including marquee matchups and regional contests. This ensures that fans can access a wide range of NFL games without having to subscribe to a specific cable or satellite TV package.

Local Team Coverage: Local broadcast television is particularly beneficial for fans who want to support their hometown team. These networks often prioritize airing games featuring the local team, giving fans the chance to cheer on their favorite players and follow the team’s progress throughout the season.

Pregame and Postgame Coverage: Local networks also provide extensive pregame and postgame coverage, offering analysis, player interviews, and expert insights. This additional content enriches the viewing experience by providing background information and in-depth commentary.

Accessible to Everyone: Unlike streaming services or cable/satellite TV subscriptions, local broadcast television is accessible to everyone in the local viewing area. This makes it a convenient option for fans who may not have access to the internet or prefer to watch games on a traditional television set.

Local Community Connection: Local broadcast television connects fans to their community. Watching games on these networks often includes local advertisements, updates on community events, and local news coverage, fostering a sense of belonging and connection to the city or region.

While local broadcast television provides a range of benefits, it’s important to note that the availability of games may vary depending on your location. Additionally, blackout restrictions may apply for specific games due to ticket sales or other contractual agreements. To avoid any surprises, it is advisable to check the TV listings or consult your local network’s website for the most up-to-date scheduling information.

For fans looking for a no-frills, cost-effective way to enjoy NFL games, local broadcast television remains a tried-and-true option. So, grab your favorite snacks, settle into your couch, and tune in to your local networks to catch all the action live.

Sunday Ticket U (College Students)

For college students who are passionate about football, Sunday Ticket U provides a fantastic streaming solution to watch NFL games. This exclusive service is tailored specifically for students and offers unique benefits. Here’s why Sunday Ticket U is a popular choice for college students:

Access to Out-of-Market Games: Sunday Ticket U allows college students to access out-of-market NFL games that are not typically available on local broadcast television. This means students can catch their favorite teams’ games, even if they are from a different region or away from home.

Live Streaming and On-Demand Replays: With Sunday Ticket U, college students can stream live NFL games right from their computers, smartphones, or tablets. Additionally, the service provides on-demand replays, giving students the flexibility to watch games at their convenience.

Red Zone Channel: Sunday Ticket U includes access to the Red Zone Channel, which provides continuous live coverage of all the NFL games’ key moments and scoring plays. This feature ensures that students never miss any exciting action happening across the league.

Affordable Pricing: Sunday Ticket U offers special pricing packages exclusively for college students, making it an affordable option for those on a tight budget. This allows students to enjoy premium NFL content without breaking the bank.

Multi-Device Compatibility: The service is compatible with various devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles. This means students can watch games wherever they are, whether they’re in their dorm room, library, or on the go.

Exclusive Student Deals and Promotions: Sunday Ticket U often provides exclusive deals and promotions for college students. These can include discounted prices, free trials, or additional perks like access to exclusive NFL content and contests. Students can take advantage of these offers to enhance their football viewing experience.

Sunday Ticket U offers college students a convenient and cost-effective way to follow their favorite NFL teams and players while focusing on their studies. With live streaming, on-demand replays, access to the Red Zone Channel, and exclusive student deals, Sunday Ticket U provides a comprehensive and enjoyable viewing experience for college football enthusiasts.

NFL Mobile App

The NFL Mobile App is a must-have for football fans who want to stay up-to-date with the latest news, scores, and highlights, as well as watch live NFL games on their mobile devices. This versatile mobile application provides a wide range of features that cater to the needs of NFL enthusiasts. Here’s why the NFL Mobile App is a popular choice:

Live Streaming of Games: The NFL Mobile App allows users to stream live NFL games directly on their smartphones or tablets. This feature is particularly useful for fans who are on the go and want to catch their favorite teams in action wherever they are.

Game Highlights and Replays: The app provides users with access to game highlights and condensed replays, making it convenient to catch up on missed games or watch the key moments of a match.

Real-Time Scores and Stats: With the NFL Mobile App, fans can get real-time scores, game stats, and player statistics. This keeps them informed and engaged, even if they’re unable to watch the games live.

News and Analysis: The app features a comprehensive news section, providing the latest updates, team news, injury reports, and expert analysis. Users can stay informed about their favorite teams, players, and the overall NFL landscape.

Fantasy Football Integration: The NFL Mobile App seamlessly integrates with popular fantasy football platforms. Users can manage their fantasy teams, track player performances, and receive alerts, ensuring that they never miss an opportunity to make informed roster decisions.

Customization and Personalization: The app allows users to personalize their experience by selecting their favorite teams and receiving custom notifications tailored to their preferences. This ensures that fans stay connected with the latest news and updates relevant to their preferred teams.

Exclusive Content and Interviews: The NFL Mobile App provides exclusive content such as interviews with players, coaches, and experts, behind-the-scenes footage, and insider access to events. This adds an extra layer of engagement and immersion for NFL fans.

The NFL Mobile App offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for football fans to stay connected with the sport they love. Whether it’s streaming live games, accessing highlights and stats, or staying informed with news and analysis, the app caters to the diverse needs of NFL enthusiasts on the go.

VPNs and Geo-Blocking Workarounds

In some cases, NFL games may be subject to geo-blocking restrictions, limiting their availability to specific regions. However, with the help of virtual private networks (VPNs) and geo-blocking workarounds, football fans can bypass these restrictions and access NFL games from anywhere in the world. Here’s how VPNs and geo-blocking workarounds can enhance your NFL viewing experience:

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a networking tool that masks a user’s IP address and encrypts their internet connection. This allows users to connect to servers in different locations, making it appear as if they are browsing the internet from that specific region.

Bypassing Geo-Blocking:

By using a VPN, football fans can connect to a server located in a region where the NFL game they want to watch is not geo-blocked. This disguises their actual location and grants them access to the game as if they were within the permitted region.

Accessing Local Broadcasts:

In addition to bypassing geo-blocking, VPNs can also be useful for accessing local broadcast networks. By connecting to a server in the desired region, users can access local TV channels that stream NFL games, even if they are physically located outside of that area.

Protecting Privacy and Security:

VPNs provide an added layer of privacy and security by encrypting users’ internet traffic. This protects sensitive data from potential hackers or eavesdroppers, ensuring a safe and private browsing experience.

Compatibility with Devices:

VPNs are compatible with various devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and streaming devices. This means that users can enjoy NFL games on their preferred devices, no matter where they are.

Legal Considerations:

While VPNs can provide a practical workaround for geo-blocking, it’s important to note that the legality of using VPNs to access and stream copyrighted content can vary by jurisdiction. It’s advisable to familiarize oneself with the laws and terms of service in one’s country and ensure compliance when using VPNs for streaming NFL games.

VPNs and geo-blocking workarounds provide football fans with a way to overcome regional restrictions and enjoy NFL games from anywhere in the world. By using a reliable VPN service, fans can access their favorite teams’ games and never miss a moment of the action, even if they are in a different geographic location.

NFL RedZone

For football fans who want to keep up with all the Sunday afternoon NFL action at once, NFL RedZone offers an exhilarating and comprehensive viewing experience. NFL RedZone is a dedicated channel that allows fans to catch every scoring play and key moment from multiple games in real-time. Here’s why NFL RedZone is a popular choice for football enthusiasts:

Uninterrupted Game Coverage:

NFL RedZone provides non-stop coverage of all the Sunday afternoon games, switching between games whenever a team is about to score or is in a high-stakes situation. This ensures that fans don’t miss any of the action, focusing on the most exciting moments of every game.

Live Commentary and Analysis:

NFL RedZone features live commentary, analysis, and updates from experienced broadcasters. They provide insights, statistics, and key information about players, teams, and game strategies, creating an immersive and informative viewing experience.

No Commercials:

One of the significant advantages of NFL RedZone is its commercial-free broadcast. Fans can enjoy uninterrupted coverage of games and highlights, ensuring that they don’t miss any critical plays while the game is in progress.

Multiple Games Simultaneously:

NFL RedZone has the ability to show multiple games simultaneously on a split screen, allowing fans to keep track of different games and catch all the important action at once. This makes NFL RedZone a favorite choice for fantasy football enthusiasts who want to monitor multiple games and follow player performances.

Highlight Reels and Instant Replays:

The channel provides highlight reels and instant replays, ensuring fans don’t miss the most remarkable plays and game-changing moments. This feature allows viewers to watch the best plays from multiple games and relive the most thrilling moments.

Availability on Various Platforms:

NFL RedZone is available on multiple platforms, including cable and satellite TV providers, select streaming services, and the official NFL app. This ensures accessibility for fans who want to experience the excitement of NFL RedZone on their preferred devices.

Fantasy Football Focus:

NFL RedZone caters to fantasy football players by providing real-time updates on player statistics, touchdowns, and key plays. This focus on fantasy football enables fans to monitor and track their fantasy teams’ performances throughout Sunday afternoon’s games.

NFL RedZone is a thrilling and fast-paced channel that delivers all the touchdowns and crucial moments from Sunday afternoon NFL games. With its uninterrupted coverage, live commentary, and ability to showcase multiple games at once, NFL RedZone offers an intense and immersive viewing experience for football fanatics.

International Streaming Options

For football fans residing outside of the United States, there are several international streaming options available to watch NFL games. These services cater to the global audience, allowing fans from different countries to stay connected with their favorite American football teams. Here are some popular international streaming options for NFL games:

NFL Game Pass International:

NFL Game Pass International is the official international streaming service of the NFL. It offers live streaming of all regular-season and playoff games, including the Super Bowl. Subscribers can also access on-demand replays, condensed games, and the All-22 Coaches Film, providing an immersive experience for fans around the world.


Dazn is a global sports streaming platform that offers live and on-demand coverage of various sporting events, including NFL games. It provides access to multiple games each week, allowing fans to choose the matchups they want to watch. Dazn also includes additional NFL programming, such as highlights, analysis, and original content.

Sky Sports (UK and Ireland):

Sky Sports is a popular sports broadcaster in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Through its streaming service, viewers can access live NFL games, including Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football. Sky Sports also offers additional NFL programming, such as pregame and postgame analysis, highlights, and NFL-related shows.

TSN and RDS (Canada):

In Canada, TSN (English) and RDS (French) are the primary broadcasters of NFL games. Canadian viewers can access live NFL games through these networks’ streaming platforms. Subscribers can also enjoy additional coverage, including pregame shows, postgame analysis, and NFL-related content.

Kayo Sports (Australia):

Kayo Sports is a leading sports streaming service in Australia. It offers live and on-demand coverage of NFL games, including regular-season and playoff matchups. Kayo Sports provides additional features, such as split-screen viewing, multiple camera angles, and highlight clips, enhancing the viewing experience for Australian football fans.

Local Broadcasters and Platforms:

In some countries, local broadcasters or streaming platforms have acquired the rights to stream NFL games. For example, in Germany, ProSieben MAXX broadcasts select games, while in Brazil, ESPN and Fox Sports hold NFL broadcasting rights. It’s worth exploring local sports channels and streaming platforms in your country to see if they offer NFL game coverage.

These are just a few examples of international streaming options for NFL games. Availability and pricing may vary by region, so it’s recommended to check the specific services and their offerings in your country. With these international streaming options, fans outside the United States can get their football fix and enjoy the excitement of NFL games from the comfort of their own homes.

Fantasy Football Platforms

Fantasy football has become a popular pastime for NFL fans, allowing them to create and manage their own virtual teams comprised of real NFL players. Fantasy football platforms provide a vibrant and interactive experience for fans, enhancing their connection to the sport. Here are some of the top fantasy football platforms:

ESPN Fantasy Football:

ESPN Fantasy Football is one of the most well-known and widely used fantasy football platforms. It offers a user-friendly interface, customizable league settings, and a comprehensive range of features, including live scoring updates, player news, and expert analysis. ESPN also provides a mobile app, allowing users to manage their teams on the go.

Yahoo Fantasy Football:

Yahoo Fantasy Football is another popular and long-standing fantasy football platform. It provides robust league customization options, real-time scoring updates, a variety of draft formats, and a community-driven platform where fans can interact and discuss fantasy football strategies. Yahoo also offers a mobile app for convenient team management.


Sleeper is a newer fantasy football platform that has gained popularity for its innovative features and modern design. It offers unique features like a built-in chat system, league history archives, instant updates, and customizable league settings. Sleeper provides a seamless and engaging fantasy football experience for users.

FanDuel and DraftKings:

FanDuel and DraftKings are daily fantasy sports platforms that offer a slightly different fantasy football experience. Instead of season-long leagues, these platforms allow users to draft a new team each week and compete for prizes based on the players’ performances in that specific week. FanDuel and DraftKings provide a fast-paced and dynamic fantasy football experience.

NFL.com Fantasy Football:

The official NFL fantasy football platform offers an immersive experience for fans, featuring live scoring updates, expert analysis, and exclusive NFL content. It allows users to create custom leagues, participate in mock drafts, and access a wealth of statistics and player information provided directly by the NFL.

CBS Sports:

CBS Sports Fantasy Football is a reliable platform that offers a range of features for fantasy football enthusiasts. It provides customizable league settings, real-time scoring updates, player news, and an intuitive drafting interface. It also offers insights from CBS Sports analysts and a mobile app for convenient team management.

These fantasy football platforms provide a comprehensive and enjoyable experience for NFL fans. Whether you prefer season-long leagues, daily fantasy formats, or engaging with a community of fellow fantasy football enthusiasts, these platforms allow you to immerse yourself in the excitement of building and managing your own virtual football team.

Social Media Streaming Options

Social media platforms have transformed the way we consume content, and they have also become a popular avenue for streaming live NFL games. Here are some of the top social media platforms that offer streaming options for NFL games:


Twitter has established itself as a hub for real-time news updates and live discussions, making it an ideal platform for streaming NFL games. The NFL has partnered with Twitter to stream Thursday Night Football games in the past, allowing fans to watch the games directly on the platform while engaging in conversations with other football enthusiasts.

Facebook Watch:

Facebook Watch is a video-on-demand service that allows users to discover and watch a variety of content, including live NFL games. The NFL has partnered with Facebook to stream select games, providing fans with another avenue to watch and engage with the action. Facebook Watch also allows users to interact with fellow viewers through comments and reactions.

YouTube Live:

YouTube Live offers a platform for creators to stream content in real-time. While it may not have an official partnership with the NFL to stream live games, individual creators occasionally provide live coverage and commentary of NFL games on their channels. This allows fans to access unique perspectives and analysis during the games.


Twitch, primarily known as a live streaming platform for gamers, has expanded its content offerings to include sports as well. The NFL has partnered with Twitch to stream Thursday Night Football games, engaging with the platform’s passionate community. Twitch provides a chat feature for viewers to interact with streamers and other fans during the games.

Other Social Media Platforms:

While the aforementioned platforms are the primary social media options for streaming NFL games, it’s worth noting that other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat may also provide highlights, behind-the-scenes footage, and fan-generated content related to NFL games. These platforms offer additional glimpses into the world of football and provide a unique social media experience for fans.

It’s important to note that the availability of NFL game streaming on social media platforms may vary depending on region and licensing agreements. In some cases, these streams may be limited to certain games or specific platforms. Checking the official NFL accounts or the platforms themselves will provide up-to-date information on the availability of live streaming options.

Streaming NFL games on social media platforms offers a convenient and interactive experience for fans. Whether you’re engaging in live discussions on Twitter, watching games on Facebook Watch, or exploring alternative streams on platforms like Twitch and YouTube Live, social media provides a unique and community-driven environment for football enthusiasts to enjoy NFL action.

Watching Games on Game Consoles and Smart TVs

Game consoles and smart TVs have become powerful entertainment devices that offer convenient access to streaming services, allowing football fans to watch NFL games right from their living rooms. Here’s why utilizing game consoles and smart TVs for watching NFL games is an increasingly popular choice:

Seamless Integration:

Game consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, as well as smart TVs from popular brands like Samsung, LG, and Sony, often have built-in streaming apps that provide easy access to popular platforms like ESPN, CBS All Access, and NBC Sports. This integration ensures a seamless experience for users, eliminating the need for additional devices.

High-Quality Visuals:

Game consoles and smart TVs are designed to deliver impressive visual quality, supporting high-definition and even 4K resolution. Watching NFL games on these devices enhances the viewing experience, as fans can enjoy every detail, from player movements to celebratory touchdown dances, with stunning clarity.

Large Screen Experience:

One of the key advantages of using game consoles and smart TVs is the expansive screen real estate they offer. With larger screens, fans can immerse themselves in the game, feeling like they are part of the stadium crowd. It’s a particularly appealing option for hosting watch parties or cheering on their favorite teams with friends and family.

Access to Multiple Apps:

Game consoles and smart TVs typically support a wide range of streaming apps, giving users access to various platforms that offer live NFL game coverage. Whether it’s ESPN, NFL Game Pass, or streaming services like Hulu or Sling TV, fans can select their preferred apps and easily switch between them to access the desired games.

Convenience of Voice Control:

Many game consoles and smart TVs come equipped with voice control capabilities. This allows fans to use voice commands to search for games, change channels, or navigate through different streaming apps, making the overall experience more convenient and hands-free.

Possibility of Split-Screen Viewing:

Certain game consoles and smart TVs enable split-screen functionality, allowing users to watch multiple games at once. This is particularly useful on Sundays when multiple NFL games are being played simultaneously. Fans can keep track of their favorite teams and catch the highlights from other games without switching between channels.

By utilizing game consoles and smart TVs for NFL game streaming, fans can take advantage of seamless integration, impressive visuals on larger screens, and easy access to multiple streaming apps. Whether it’s enjoying the game with friends, experiencing stunning visuals, or utilizing voice control, game consoles and smart TVs provide a convenient and immersive way to watch and enjoy NFL action from the comfort of home.