How To Watch Lego Masters Australia


What is Lego Masters Australia?

Lego Masters Australia is a popular reality television competition that brings together some of the most talented Lego builders from around the country. The show, based on the original British format, showcases the creativity, skill, and imagination of the contestants as they take on a series of challenging Lego construction tasks.

Each episode of Lego Masters Australia presents a different theme or challenge for the participants to tackle. From building life-size sculptures to constructing working machines, the contestants must showcase their expertise in designing and assembling intricate Lego creations under time pressure.

The show is not just about building with Lego bricks; it is also a platform for storytelling and problem-solving. Contestants have the opportunity to bring their creations to life by incorporating narratives and unique features, adding an extra layer of excitement to each challenge.

Throughout the season, the contestants face elimination rounds, where their designs and abilities are put to the test. They must impress the judges with their attention to detail, originality, and overall execution to secure their place in the competition.

What sets Lego Masters Australia apart is the sheer scale and complexity of the builds. The contestants push the boundaries of what can be achieved with Lego, creating astonishing structures that captivate both the judges and viewers at home.

Bringing together a diverse group of Lego enthusiasts, Lego Masters Australia celebrates the limitless possibilities of Lego as an art form. The show is an inspiring spectacle that captivates both young and old, highlighting the creativity and passion that can be ignited by a simple plastic brick.

When and where to watch Lego Masters Australia?

Lego Masters Australia airs on Nine Network, one of the leading television networks in Australia. The show typically premieres during the prime-time television season, offering viewers an exciting and entertaining experience.

The airing schedule for Lego Masters Australia may vary from season to season, so it’s always a good idea to check the official Nine Network website or your local TV listings for the most up-to-date information.

For viewers in Australia, you can watch Lego Masters Australia live on Nine Network. The show is also available for streaming on the network’s official streaming platform, 9Now. This allows viewers to catch up on missed episodes or rewatch their favorite moments at their convenience.

In addition to the broadcast and streaming options, Lego Masters Australia episodes are often uploaded to the official Lego Masters Australia YouTube channel. This is a great alternative for those who prefer to watch the show online.

International viewers who are eager to watch Lego Masters Australia can explore various options. Some streaming platforms, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, may acquire the rights to air the show in certain regions. It’s worth checking these platforms to see if Lego Masters Australia is available in your country.

Alternatively, you can utilize a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to access the Nine Network’s streaming platform (9Now) from outside of Australia. A VPN allows you to mask your IP address and appear as if you’re browsing the internet from Australia, giving you access to geo-restricted content.

Whether you watch Lego Masters Australia on television, streaming platforms, or through online channels, make sure to join in on the excitement and be inspired by the incredible Lego creations brought to life by the talented builders participating in the competition.

How to watch Lego Masters Australia in Australia?

If you’re in Australia and want to watch Lego Masters Australia, you have several options to catch all the exciting episodes and follow the journey of the talented Lego builders.

The first and most straightforward option is to tune in to the Nine Network when Lego Masters Australia is airing. The show is usually broadcasted during the prime-time slot, so check your local TV listings for the specific date and time.

If you prefer to watch the show at your convenience, you can stream Lego Masters Australia on the official Nine Network streaming platform, 9Now. Simply visit the 9Now website or download the app on your preferred device. The platform allows you to catch up on missed episodes, watch behind-the-scenes footage, and even interact with other fans of the show.

Signing up for 9Now is free and straightforward. All you need to do is create an account using your email address or log in with your social media accounts. Once you’re logged in, you can start streaming Lego Masters Australia and enjoy all the thrilling challenges and creations.

If you have a smart TV or a compatible device, you can also download the 9Now app and stream Lego Masters Australia on the big screen. This way, you can fully immerse yourself in the incredible builds and marvel at the creativity of the contestants.

For those who prefer a more interactive experience, you can engage with the show and fellow fans on social media. Follow the official Lego Masters Australia accounts on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to stay updated with the latest news, exclusive content, and engaging discussions.

By following these methods, you won’t miss a single minute of Lego Masters Australia in Australia. Whether you choose to watch it live on television or stream it on 9Now, get ready to be amazed by the incredible Lego creations and the passion of the talented builders.

How to watch Lego Masters Australia outside of Australia?

If you’re outside of Australia and eager to watch Lego Masters Australia, there are a few options available to ensure you don’t miss out on the excitement of the show.

One option is to check if any streaming platforms in your country have acquired the rights to air Lego Masters Australia. Platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime often secure the international broadcasting rights for popular television shows. If Lego Masters Australia is available on any of these platforms in your region, you can stream it at your convenience.

If the show is not available on any streaming platforms in your country, you can utilize a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to access the Nine Network’s streaming platform, 9Now, as if you were in Australia. A VPN allows you to mask your IP address and appear as if you’re browsing the internet from Australia. By connecting to a VPN server located in Australia, you can access geo-restricted content, including Lego Masters Australia on 9Now.

To use a VPN, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose a reputable VPN service that offers servers in Australia.
  2. Download and install the VPN application on your device.
  3. Launch the VPN application and connect to a server in Australia.
  4. Once connected to the Australian server, visit the 9Now website or open the 9Now app.
  5. Create a free account on 9Now or log in if you already have one.
  6. Start streaming Lego Masters Australia and enjoy the show!

With a VPN, you can enjoy the creativity and excitement of Lego Masters Australia from anywhere in the world, without missing a single episode.

Another option is to search for online platforms or websites that may host episodes or clips of Lego Masters Australia. However, keep in mind that the availability and legality of these sources may vary, so it’s important to use caution and ensure you’re accessing content from reputable sources.

By exploring these options, you can still be part of the Lego Masters Australia journey, no matter where you are in the world. So grab your bricks and get ready to witness the incredible builds and the passion of the talented contestants!

What are the past seasons of Lego Masters Australia?

Lego Masters Australia has successfully captivated viewers since its debut season in 2019. The show has continued to showcase the incredible talent of Lego builders across the country through multiple seasons, each filled with unique and awe-inspiring creations.

The first season of Lego Masters Australia premiered in 2019 and introduced audiences to the world of competitive Lego building. Hosted by Hamish Blake, the season brought together ten teams of two to compete for the title of Lego Masters. From gravity-defying towers to elaborate movie scenes, the contestants showcased their creativity and skill in a range of challenges. Ultimately, Henry and Cade emerged as the winners of the inaugural season, impressing the judges and viewers with their inventive designs.

The second season of Lego Masters Australia aired in 2020, with Hamish Blake returning as the host. This season elevated the challenge by introducing larger builds and pushing the contestants’ boundaries even further. The new season featured a diverse group of teams, each bringing their unique approach and style to the competition. Winners Jackson and Alex captured the hearts of viewers with their stunning builds, taking home the coveted Lego Masters title.

The third season of Lego Masters Australia aired in 2021, showcasing the creativity and talent of a fresh batch of contestants. Hosted by Hamish Blake once again, this season brought even more excitement and imaginative challenges. From recreating famous landmarks to constructing functional amusement park rides, the contestants amazed the judges and viewers alike. Andrew and Damian emerged as the winners, solidifying their place in Lego Masters Australia history with their remarkable builds.

With each passing season, Lego Masters Australia continues to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with Lego bricks. The show highlights the creativity, innovation, and teamwork of the participants, providing a platform for these talented builders to showcase their skills.

If you’re new to Lego Masters Australia or missed any of the previous seasons, you can catch up on the excitement by streaming the episodes on the Nine Network’s streaming platform, 9Now, or by checking for DVD releases or online platforms that may have archived episodes available.

As the show moves forward, fans eagerly anticipate the announcement of future seasons, eager to witness the imaginative creations and captivating challenges that await in the world of Lego Masters Australia.

What can you expect from Lego Masters Australia?

Lego Masters Australia offers a thrilling and captivating viewing experience, showcasing the incredible talent and creativity of Lego builders. From elaborate sculptures to functional machines, the show presents a wide array of jaw-dropping designs and imaginative creations.

One of the things you can expect from Lego Masters Australia is an impressive display of skill and craftsmanship. The contestants on the show are some of the most talented Lego builders in the country, with a keen eye for detail and a passion for pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with Lego bricks. From intricate designs to massive scale structures, their creations will leave you amazed and inspired.

In addition to the spectacular builds, Lego Masters Australia offers a glimpse into the world of storytelling and problem-solving. Contestants not only construct impressive structures but also infuse their builds with narratives and interactive elements. They may bring iconic movie scenes to life or create functional mechanisms, showcasing their ability to think creatively and tackle complex challenges.

Another highlight of Lego Masters Australia is the element of competition and camaraderie. Throughout the season, the contestants form teams and support each other through the ups and downs of the challenges. Viewers get an inside look at the teamwork and collaboration required to execute the ambitious Lego creations. The show captures the highs, lows, and moments of inspiration that come with the pressure of the competition.

Lego Masters Australia is also known for its charismatic and entertaining host, who adds an extra layer of humor and excitement to the show. From lively banter with the contestants to engaging the audience, the host keeps the energy high and the atmosphere light-hearted, ensuring an enjoyable viewing experience.

As you watch Lego Masters Australia, you can expect to be captivated by the stunning designs, inspired by the creativity of the builders, and entertained by the thrilling challenges and infectious enthusiasm of the contestants. Whether you’re a Lego enthusiast or simply appreciate the artistry and innovation of the builds, Lego Masters Australia is sure to leave a lasting impression.

So prepare to witness the limitless possibilities of Lego, the incredible skill of the builders, and embark on a journey that will take you into a world of imagination and wonder.

Who are the judges on Lego Masters Australia?

The judges on Lego Masters Australia are expert Lego builders who bring their expertise and critical eye to assess the creations of the contestants. With a keen understanding of the intricacies and possibilities of Lego bricks, they play a pivotal role in evaluating and providing feedback on the builds.

The main judge on Lego Masters Australia is Ryan “Brickman” McNaught. Known for his exceptional Lego creations and his prestigious title as Australia’s only certified Lego professional, Brickman brings years of experience and knowledge to the judging panel. With a genuine passion for the art of Lego building, he provides insightful and constructive feedback to the contestants, helping them elevate their designs and push their boundaries even further.

Joining Brickman on the judging panel is a rotating roster of guest judges who bring different perspectives and expertise to the show. These guest judges include renowned artists, designers, and industry experts who have a deep appreciation for Lego as a medium of creative expression.

The judges on Lego Masters Australia have the challenging task of assessing the builds in various categories, including design, technicality, creativity, storytelling, and overall execution. They consider factors such as attention to detail, use of color, structural integrity, and the ability to bring the designs to life. Their feedback is invaluable for the contestants, providing them with guidance and inspiration to improve their skills and push their creative boundaries even further.

As the judges critique the builds, they offer both praise and constructive criticism to help the contestants understand the strengths and weaknesses of their creations. Their expertise and discerning eye contribute to the overall excitement and integrity of the competition.

Throughout the seasons of Lego Masters Australia, the judges have become fan favorites, admired for their vast knowledge of Lego and their ability to provide fair and thoughtful evaluations. Their insights are revered by both the contestants and viewers, making their role an integral part of the show’s success.

So, prepare to be inspired by the creativity and expertise of the judges on Lego Masters Australia as they evaluate the incredible creations of the participants, keeping the competition exciting and the standard of building exceptionally high.

What are the prizes for winning Lego Masters Australia?

Winning Lego Masters Australia comes with exciting rewards and prestigious recognition for the talented builders who emerge victorious from the competition. The prizes for winning the show go beyond just bragging rights and often include both tangible and intangible rewards.

The main prize for winning Lego Masters Australia is the coveted title of “Lego Masters.” This recognition solidifies the winners’ place in the Lego building community and highlights their exceptional skills and creativity. The title not only brings pride and admiration but also opens doors to new opportunities in the world of Lego and design.

In addition to the title, winners often receive a substantial cash prize. The exact amount may vary from season to season but is typically a significant sum that rewards the hard work and dedication put into the competition. This cash prize can be a life-changing reward, providing financial support to pursue future Lego endeavors or other personal aspirations.

Furthermore, winning Lego Masters Australia often leads to incredible opportunities for the champions. They may be approached by major companies or organizations to collaborate on commissioned Lego projects, showcase their work at events, or even receive job offers within the Lego industry. The exposure gained through the show elevates their profiles and opens doors to a range of exciting possibilities.

Additionally, the winners of Lego Masters Australia may be given the chance to display their creations in galleries or exhibitions, allowing them to share their talent with a wider audience. This recognition within the art and design community can further propel their careers and provide invaluable exposure.

It’s not just the winners who are rewarded on Lego Masters Australia. Throughout the competition, there are often smaller challenges or specific episodes where contestants have the opportunity to win additional prizes. These prizes may include exclusive Lego sets, unique Lego accessories, or unforgettable experiences related to the world of Lego.

The prizes for winning Lego Masters Australia not only recognize the skills and creativity of the winners but also serve as a springboard for future opportunities. The exposure, rewards, and recognition gained from winning the show contribute to the contestants’ growth and success in the world of Lego building.

So, with extraordinary prizes at stake, the competition on Lego Masters Australia is not just about the glory but also the incredible rewards that can propel the winners’ Lego careers to new heights.

How to participate in Lego Masters Australia?

If you’re a passionate Lego builder with a knack for creative construction, participating in Lego Masters Australia is an opportunity to showcase your talent and creativity on a national stage. Here’s a guide on how to participate in the show:

1. Stay updated: Keep a lookout for announcements and casting calls for Lego Masters Australia. Keep an eye on the show’s official website, social media channels, and casting websites to stay informed about audition opportunities.

2. Know the requirements: Understand the eligibility requirements and guidelines set by the show. Each season may have specific age restrictions and team structures, so ensure you meet all the criteria before applying.

3. Gather a team: Lego Masters Australia is a team-based competition. Find a partner who shares your passion for Lego and has complementary skills. It could be a friend, family member, or fellow Lego enthusiast who can collaborate effectively and contribute to the building process.

4. Prepare your portfolio: Put together a portfolio of your best Lego creations. Include a variety of builds that showcase your skills, creativity, and attention to detail. The portfolio will help the selection committee assess your potential and determine your suitability for the show.

5. Submit your application: Once casting calls are open, submit an application online or follow the application process specified by the show. Provide the required information about yourself and your partner, along with your portfolio of Lego creations. Be authentic and passionate in your application to stand out.

6. Audition process: If your application is shortlisted, you may be invited for an audition. Prepare to demonstrate your building skills, ability to work under time constraints, and your personality during the audition process. Be sure to highlight what makes you unique as a Lego builder.

7. Be patient: The casting process may take time, so be patient and stay positive during the selection process. Not everyone who applies will be selected, but don’t let that discourage you from continuing to pursue your passion for Lego building.

Participating in Lego Masters Australia is an incredible opportunity to showcase your skills, creativity, and passion for Lego on a national platform. Whether you’re a casual builder or a seasoned enthusiast, the show offers a chance to push your limits and be part of a vibrant community of builders.

So, gather your bricks, hone your building skills, and keep an eye out for casting calls to take the first step towards becoming a contestant on Lego Masters Australia.