9 Festivities to Visit in London

Easter holiday in England

Easter weekend is a perfect time to relax and have fun in London. This year, it falls on April 15th–18th and offers four days of holidays. However, the majority of events start happening the week before these days. So, in many cases, entertainment has already begun.

There are lots of activities for families and young adults. Students will enjoy themed parties and exciting events. In addition, there are event scavenger hunts designed specifically for adults, so not only kids can have such an adventure.

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Here are the most exciting events to look forward to in London 2022.


easter eggs in a nest
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Trafalgar Square Performance


Every year on April 15th, many Londoners and international travelers come to see the excellent theatrical performance held in Trafalgar Square. It is called “The Passion of Jesus,” and it happens open-air. The play is about the crucifixion of Jesus. The event is completely free; there are huge screens so everyone can see it clearly as well.

The performance takes 90 minutes, and there are two of them – at 12 noon and 3.15 pm. There are also designated seating areas there, but to get a place, one should come early. Overall, it is one of the traditional festivities in London that would be a shame to miss.


One of the Spectacular Shows


During this weekend, there are plenty of other excellent shows to watch in London. Some of them are intended rather for families with children, like “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” or “Wicked.” Yet, if you are just an adult Potter-head, it will also be exciting.

Here are some other shows to consider:

  • Disney musicals – Mary Poppins, Frozen, The Lion King
  • Matilda the Musical
  • Back to the Future
  • West End musicals
  • Doctor Who: Time Fracture, etc

Keep in mind that it is better to book tickets early as the best performances are usually sold out on regular days, not to mention holidays.


The Royal Botanical Garden


If the weather is great, it is a perfect opportunity to enjoy some blooming nature. This is one of the best places to do so. Kew Gardens has a fascinating flora and fauna with numerous spring flowers to marvel at.

Also, the Botanical Garden holds many Easter-themed events, from workshops to interactive trails (for example, if you come here with children). And on Sunday, Kew Gardens always hosts Egg Hunt. Children under 16 are free to visit, which is a plus as well.


Egg Hunt for Adults


Surely, going on a scavenger hunt is one of the classic entertainments for Easter. But the majority of such adventures are for children. However, if you want to have the same type of fun as an adult, a wine-themed one is held by Highbury bar and Top Cuvee shop.

This activity takes place on April 17th. Teams are welcomed to go on a hunt and find QR codes that provide various prizes, of course, including excellent wines.


Classic Egg Hunts


Those who want to take part in a traditional Easter competition can do it in a multitude of places in London. Here are the top choices:

  • Easter Duck hunt at London Wetland Centre
  • Kidzania trails
  • Bucket Race at Golden Square
  • Gold Bunny Hunt at Hampton Court Palace

Similar festivities take place in many parks and establishments. When participating, do not forget to enjoy some chocolate eggs because eating all the sweets is also a tradition.


London street view with flowers in a garden
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Small Is Beautiful Exhibition


This is another annual Easter tradition of London that student artists or anyone interested in art would enjoy. Every year, this exhibition opens on April 15th and welcomes everyone. All the pieces here are ant-sized, so they are incredibly small. Some even come here with a magnifying glass to see all the astonishing details.

It is a marvelous event where you can not only witness incredible art pieces but also feel like a giant. If you were looking for a one-of-a-kind experience this weekend, don’t forget to check it out!


Horniman Spring Fair


Those who like to be around people and celebrate in nature might love a seasonal fair that Horniman Museum hosts every year over the Easter weekend.

There are lots of activities and events here for people of all ages. For example, one can visit a workshop and learn some craftsmanship for free, buy interesting goods, or have a picnic in the garden. There is also a stunning garden tour full of spring greenery while enjoying some live music.


London Zoo


This one might not come to mind first when you think of Easter. However, London Zoo prepares utterly for the celebration with various activities. The majority of them are extremely fun for children. But there is also a lot to see for adults.

Dear Zoo Hub prepares interactive adventure and interesting stories to tell. You can also go round by the Zoo trial to collect various stamps while doing various exciting activities at each specific point.

And, of course, here you can see all the wonderful animals, which is a great time in itself.


Traditional Attractions


London is not usually mentioned among European cities to see on a budget; however, it also offers a lot of affordable things. For example, almost any museum here is free, and the Easter weekend is no exception. If it is your first time here, you might want to visit traditional tourist attractions as well. Here are the top ones to put on the list.

  • The British Museum has an enormous collection of all types of antiques. Keep in mind that on Good Friday, it closes earlier at 6 pm.
  • Westminster Abbey is open every day; however, on April 15th, it holds only Solemn Liturgy service.
  • Saint Paul’s Cathedral will be open also only for mass, not for tourists.
  • Royal Palaces and Museums are open and usually organize themed events.
  • Harry Potter fans will love The Making of Harry Potter Tour.
  • Victoria and Albert Museum prepares an exhibition of jewel-encrusted eggs specifically for Easter.

Also, one can simply walk around the city, eat various Easter-themed lunches and brunches, and have a great time.


In Summary


Easter weekend is a perfect time to visit London. The streets are full of life, people are celebrating, and there are plenty of activities that are open only once a year. The best part is that one can find almost any type of entertainment for their liking and budget.