6 Ways to Use Web Conferencing to Meet Business Goals

Getting everyone in the same room to discuss business goals can be challenging. But that doesn’t mean you have to abandon meeting them altogether!


Using a web conferencing software can help you get the entire team together without having to leave their homes or offices. Here are 6 ways to take advantage of these softwares to help you meet business goals.


1. Use customization features

If you feel your meeting is taking longer than necessary, a few tools are available to help you customize the experience.


You can adjust the size and resolution of graphics in the video conference meeting and limit how much talking is allowed. Also, web conferencing softwares like Adobe Connect often have features that allow you to share files and presentations with team members.


2. Use tools to manage meeting disruptions

If someone in your meeting decides to go off script, there are a few tools you can use to help manage the disruption. You can set up time limits for each speaker so that everyone has a limit on how long they can talk.


This will help avoid impending chaos and ensure the discussion stays on track. Additionally, you can create whiteboards or sticky notes with key points that need attention during the meeting. Having these resources in front of all participants will help keep things moving forward smoothly.


3. Use whiteboarding or drawing tools

If you need more visual stimuli during your meeting, you can use whiteboarding or drawing tools to help illustrate your points.


This can be a great way to keep everyone on track and organized. Also, if you want to take your meeting offline, whiteboarding and drawing can be turned into shareable PDFs or slideshows that everyone can view later.


4. Use Chat Feature to discuss the meeting agenda and proceedings

One of the great features of web conferencing software is its Chat feature. This allows you to discuss the agenda and proceedings of your meeting with team members outside the conference room.


This can be a helpful way to ensure that everyone is following the agenda. It also allows participants to ask any questions they might have.


5. Track meeting minutes and other important information

You can track all the important information related to the meeting using web conferencing software. This includes minutes from previous meetings, contact info for team members, and more.


Also, if you need to make any changes to the agenda or proceedings of the meeting, it’s easy to do so with a few clicks.


Use Screen Sharing For Documents and Graphics

Another great feature of web conferencing is its ability to share documents and graphics. This can be a helpful way to illustrate points or make presentations more visually appealing.


You can also share screens in an ongoing meeting. This can be a great way to avoid note-taking distractions and allows participants to ask questions directly.



Web conferencing is a fantastic way to conduct meetings with team members. With the help of these tips, you can maximize the benefits of your software and ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience. Also, the tips mentioned above can help you keep track of important information and change the agenda as needed.