How to Choose the Right SAFe® Agilist Certification?

A SAFe® Agilist is a professional with expertise in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). SAFe is an agile framework that helps organizations build and deliver high-quality software faster with greater customer satisfaction. The SAFe Agilist plays a crucial role in any organization that employs this methodology to achieve business agility.


The SAFe Agilist leads and executes the implementation of agile methodologies within an organization. They ensure these methodologies are consistent with the company’s overarching goals by facilitating communication between departments.


A successful SAFe Agilist should have excellent leadership skills, be able to communicate effectively at all levels of an organization and possess exceptional problem-solving abilities. They must also be comfortable working collaboratively with cross-functional teams consisting of developers, product owners, Scrum Masters, and stakeholders, among others. All of the technical and soft skills required can be learned via SAFe Agilist training.


Being a SAFe Agilist requires dedication to continuous learning since it involves staying up to date on latest trends in technology and best practices for implementing Agile frameworks.


What is a SAFe Agilist Certification?

A SAFe Agilist Certification is a designation provided by Scaled Agile, Inc. to individuals who have demonstrated their expertise in implementing the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) in an organization. It validates that the certified individual understands how to lead and manage agile projects using SAFe principles.


This certification equips professionals with the necessary tools and knowledge to implement agile practices at scale, ensuring that organizations can deliver high-quality products faster, more efficiently, and ultimately better satisfy customer needs.


The certification demonstrates your proficiency in implementing lean-agile methodologies through extensive experience working on large-scale projects utilizing best practices from various industries. The SAFe Agilist training focuses on practical application rather than just theoretical concepts.


SAFe Agilist Certification provides specialized skills for managing agile teams within an enterprise context. It is therefore an essential requirement for businesses looking to adopt or improve their agility. This credential enables you to become part of a select group of experts who understand how to implement Lean-Agile frameworks successfully.


Obtaining a SAFe Agilist Certification is one way for professionals wishing to demonstrate their ability to successfully lead scaled agile programs while also significantly boosting career growth opportunities.


Why Is SAFe Agilist Certification Important?

SAFe Agilist certification is important because it validates the knowledge and skills of an individual in implementing SAFe methodologies. With organizations increasingly adopting agile practices, having a SAFe Agilist certification can give individuals a competitive edge in the job market.


The certification demonstrates that an individual has expertise in implementing agile frameworks at scale and can lead teams to deliver value while aligning with business objectives. This makes them valuable assets for organizations looking to adopt or improve their agile practices.


Moreover, SAFe Agilist-certified professionals have demonstrated proficiency in handling complex problems that arise during large-scale software development projects. They understand how various elements of the organization work together and know how to align these elements toward achieving common goals.


By acquiring this certification, individuals also gain access to a vast network of professionals who are experts in the field. This presents numerous opportunities for collaboration, learning from one another’s experiences, and staying up to date with industry trends.


The Current Demand for SAFe Agilist Certification

In today’s ever-changing business world, organizations are consistently looking for ways to improve their processes. Enter SAFe Agilist certification – a tool that has become increasingly popular recently. The demand for SAFe Agilist certification is currently at an all-time high due to the growing trend of businesses adopting agile methodologies.


Companies across various industries, including IT, finance, healthcare, and more, recognize the benefits of implementing agile practices. This has led to increased job opportunities and career advancement possibilities for those with SAFe Agilist certification.


Additionally, as more companies adopt Agile practices, they need professionals who understand how these methodologies work and can help implement them effectively. This means that individuals with a SAFe Agilist certificate have a competitive edge when searching for employment opportunities.


The demand for SAFe Agilist certification will continue increasing as organizations seek agility and flexibility in adapting to market changes. It is no longer enough to have experience or knowledge of Agile; proof through a certified course helps validate one’s expertise on the subject matter.


As such, obtaining a SAFe Agilist certification can be beneficial from an individual perspective and an organizational standpoint where it adds value by improving performance outcomes resulting in better ROI.


Which SAFe Certification to Choose?

There are several SAFe certifications to choose from, each designed for different roles and levels of expertise in the Scaled Agile Framework. Here are some of the SAFe certifications available:

  • Implementing SAFe® 
  • SAFe® Scrum Master 
  • SAFe® Release Train Engineer (RTE) 
  • SAFe® DevOps Practitioner   
  • SAFe® Program Owner/ Program Manager 
  • SAFe® Architect 
  • SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master 
  • SAFe® Practitioner / SAFe® for Teams 
  • SAFe® Agilist / Leading SAFe 

Choosing the right SAFe certification depends on your role, experience level, and career goals. It’s important to carefully review each certification’s requirements and learning objectives before choosing the one that is right for you.


Benefits of SAFe Agilist Certification

SAFe Agilist Certification can offer numerous benefits that can help advance your career. It can also help improve the success of Agile teams within an organization:

  • Validate your SAFe knowledge: The SAFe Agilist certification validates your knowledge of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and your ability to apply it in real-world situations. The certification helps you demonstrate a deep understanding of SAFe principles and practices. This can be valuable to employers and clients. Validating your SAFe knowledge through certification can help you to stand out from other candidates when applying for Agile leadership roles. 
  • Certification that is globally accepted: The SAFe Agilist certification is recognized and respected worldwide. It demonstrates that you have a globally recognized skillset and can work effectively in various Agile environments. This can be particularly useful if you are applying for jobs or working with clients based in different locations. 
  • An increase in the salary scale: Obtaining the SAFe Agilist certification can lead to an increase in salary or compensation. This is because the certification demonstrates that you have a valuable skillset in high demand in many organizations. Employers may be willing to pay a higher salary to attract and retain certified SAFe Agilist. 
  • Understanding the new responsibilities in an Agile environment: The SAFe Agilist certification provides a comprehensive understanding of the responsibilities of Agile leaders, including program managers, product managers, and Agile coaches. The certification program covers a range of topics, including Agile principles, SAFe methodology, and leadership skills. This can help you to effectively lead Agile teams and projects and better understand your role in an Agile environment. 
  • Increased growth in the market: The demand for SAFe Agilist is growing rapidly as more and more organizations are adopting Agile methodologies. This can create new opportunities for those who hold the SAFe Agilist certification. The certification can help you to stand out from other candidates and increase your chances of securing new job opportunities. 
  • Enhancement to your profile and career: Obtaining the SAFe Agilist certification can enhance your professional profile and career prospects. It demonstrates to employers and clients that you have the skills and knowledge to lead successful Agile projects and teams. The certification can also help you build your professional network and connect with other Agile practitioners.



Q: Which SAFe certification is for beginners?
The SAFe Agilist (SA) certification is the best-suited certification for those new to SAFe.


Q: Is SAFe Agilist better than SAFe Scrum Master?

SAFe Agilist and SAFe Scrum Master are different certifications tailored to different roles and expertise. The SAFe Agilist certification is for professionals who are looking to demonstrate their proficiency in implementing SAFe principles and practices at scale, while the SAFe Scrum Master certification is for professionals with a specific role in the Scrum team.

Q: How much does the SAFe Agilist exam cost in India?
The cost of the SAFe Agilist exam in India varies and can be found on the Scaled Agile, Inc. website.


Q: What is SAFe Agilist certification used for?
The SAFe Agilist certification recognizes an individual’s proficiency in implementing SAFe principles and practices at scale. It is recognized globally and allows individuals to validate their skills and knowledge in a standardized way.



The demand for SAFe Agilist certifications is increasing rapidly due to the popularity of Agile methodologies in software development. The right certification can help you stand out from other professionals and increase your chances of landing a job or advancing your career.


When choosing the SAFe Agilist certification, it’s important to consider factors such as your experience level, career goals, and interests. Take time to research each option thoroughly and choose the one that best aligns with your needs.


Once you complete the certification process, you’ll be equipped with valuable skills that will benefit you and your organization. With a SAFe Agilist Certification under your belt, you’ll have greater confidence in leading agile practices while delivering high-quality products faster than ever before. So, what are you waiting for? Start researching which SAFe Agilist Certification is right for you today!