Top 10 YIFY Unblocked Torrents Mirror Sites in 2020


Top 10 YIFY Unblocked Torrents Mirror Sites in 2020

If you are a regular user of YIFY proxy and mirror sites where you can download some of the best torrent entertainment contents, then you are in the right place. Below are the top 10 torrent mirror sites in 2020.


What is YIFY?

YIFY, also known as YTS (YIFY Torrents Solution), was an online-based platform group that is notable for its peer-to-peer distribution of an extensive collection of movies at absolutely no cost via a sharing module known as BitTorrent. One prominent characteristic that differentiates YIFY proxy sites from the normal streaming site is the small sizes of their movies and the high definition (HD) quality they possess. YIFY started re-encoding his movie contents in such a way that it takes up very minimal storage space and also making sure that their quality is not compromised. It is also worth mentioning that Swery was not the only person that coordinated the affairs of YIFY. The ending days of YIFY saw less participation by Swery. The exact number of people that are working with him is still obscure. 

The MPAA shut down the original YTS/YIFY in 2015, but then a lot of other similar YIFY proxy sites sprang up for YIFY download. You are probably curious about who is YIFY? A lot of people are also asking the same “who is YIFY?” question. The name of the founder of ‘YIFY’ is Yiftach Swery, which is how the first YIFY site got its name.


Is YIFY Safe?

Anyone opting for any YIFY proxy site should be ready security-wise, as there are lots of malware and ransomware that may come with the files hosted there. 

Even though these sites are not the original version of YIFY, there is no denying the fact that they host high-quality content for YIFY download as can be seen in your YIFY browser. Also, the sites contain some malicious content, which is often annoying and time-wasting and can sometimes get you to ask the “is YIFY safe?” question. But if you have a competent security system, then you will most likely enjoy your experience with these sites. You should also know that the contents in these sites are not legal, so you have to be careful not to get into trouble with the law. 


How to Use YIFY Subtitles

After downloading a particular YIFY movie, you may get to discover that it does not have subtitles. This is especially annoying for foreigners who can barely understand the language of the movie. So below are some of the ways that instruct you on how to use YIFY subtitles:

  • Download Subtitle Files from Certain Websites

There are dedicated sites where you can get the subtitles of certain YIFY movies from your YIFY browser. Sites like,,, and are helpful solutions that can get you most of the subtitles you’ll need. These sites support multiple languages for a visitor to choose and they definitely teach you how to use YIFY subtitles


  • Making Use of the VLC Player Software


VLC is a very popular video playback on Mac and PC. Very few people know that it comes with a function that can YIFY download subtitles. Below are the step-by-step processes of how to use YIFY subtitles in VLC:

  1. Open the VLC software and load the video.
  2. Locate the “Subtitle” option on the home screen and choose “Add Subtitles.”
  1. A sub-window will appear. Choose the subtitle language you want and include the title of the movie. Run a search to get all the related subtitles.
  2. Click on the YIFY download option on your YIFY browser after seeing the subtitle file you are looking for.


What Happened to YIFY Torrents

At a point when YIFY was still operating, it was garnering millions of visits per day! After the massive success that the initial YIFY Torrents platform witnessed, the founding owner of the platform and his team later stepped down. They made comments about how much they loved the encouragement they got from the pirating community. The site, afterward, was rebranded and changed to But recently, this site has also shut down. But this has also been compensated with the fact that a lot of other alternative and mirror sites sprang up in their numbers recently.


How to Use YIFY Anonymously

It can sometimes be risky downloading YIFY torrents with your IP address (Internet Protocol) unhidden. This is even worse when you do not have a proper security system in check.

You may be lucky to escape unscathed, but the big question remains. Is it a risk that is worth taking? Well, to keep from the guessing side, below are some points on how to use YIFY anonymously:

  1. Acquire a Torrent-Safe VPN

This should be your first step when you want to begin your journey of “torrenting.” A high-quality VPN would yield high dividends. Below are some high-quality VPN that you can use for your “torrenting” voyage.

  • Torrent Safely
  • Torrent Anonymously
  • Access Blocked Torrent Websites
  1. Check Your VPN Settings

After acquiring a VPN, you must check its settings to make sure that your privacy is sufficient. Check your VPN for the following privacy settings:

Encryption: Some VPNs come with functions that allow you to manually select your VPN protocol and encryption. VPNs with AES 256-bit encryption module does this job better. You may like to shy away from the PPTP encryption module. This module is an older encryption protocol that may likely expose you to security risks. 

Leak Protection: If your VPN has a provision for them, please enable the IP/IPv6 leak protection and DNS leak protection. This prevents your device from disclosing your actual location and circumventing your VPN connection.

Kill Switch: In VPNs, this function ensures that your data is hidden from other YIFY torrents users, even though there may be an immediate drop in your network connection. 

  1. Connect to a VPN Server.

Check for a VPN server and create a connection with it. Depending on your provider, this step may slightly differ. If there is a provision in your VPN that permits for peer-to-peer sharing of files, then you can simply get started after you’ve connected to a server. If you want a YIFY download speed that is higher, it is advisable to connect with a VPN server that is close to you. 

Best 10 YIFY Unblocked Torrents Mirror Sites

1. The Pirate Bay

This torrent mirror site came into existence in 2003, and it has remained one of the top choices for torrent users. Some humorously call it “The King of Torrents,” and it also has the abbreviation, TPB (The Pirate Bay). 

This torrent site features a web-based index for entertainment-based content. When you visit, the site can run a search on your desired contents and proceed to YIFY download it. After then, you can contribute torrent files and magnetic links to aid the peer-to-peer distribution of files among other current users. 

The mirror site is currently operating from its initial domain ( name, and numerous other YIFY proxy sites from Pirate Bay are also doing well on the internet.

2. Zooqle

This peer-to-peer platform is relatively a newcomer in the scene of torrenting/peer-to-peer world. One of the most obvious things you’ll get to notice when you visit the platform is the intuitive user interface that it includes. It is also among the torrent sites that do not have ads and popups. 

To be able to use this torrent site, you’ll have to begin by creating an account (making use of your email, password, and username) to manage subscriptions to about 30,000 movies and 1,300 YIFY TV shows. 

Also, it has a user-friendly interface making it glaring that it deserves its spot as one of the best torrenting sites out there. 

3. 1337X 

This is another good torrent site, which came into existence in 2007. It operates like a peer-to-peer community where some of the best torrent files for YIFY downloads are shared.

The site is also among the listed sites in many torrent sites like torrentdb, torrentz, etc. A large chunk of the traffic that emanates from this site is from the UK. 

For a long time, this site was a conventional torrent site driven by a community of torrent users, but there was a slight change in the site to accommodate security concerns. 

However, there is constant improvement and much progress, with the site gaining more traffic and also featuring a new design too. 

4. TorrentDownloads 

This site is not new on the scene as it has been in existence for a while now. Similar to a lot of other torrenting sites, the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) of a lot of countries do not allow access to this site. 

Taking a stroll down history, this used to be among the go-to torrent sites in the UK, but then a lot of ISPs in the UK have now blocked access to the site.  

A great feature of this site is the strict index that provides YIFY torrents content to the millions of their users every month.


RARBG is a torrent to another site that provides magnet links and torrent files to foster the peer-to-peer sharing of files with the use of the BitTorrent protocol.

It is also among the torrent sites that have a great user-interface. The interface makes it very easy to use, and a lot of YIFY TV shows and movies with preview links and thumbnails to make what you are downloading obvious to you before you start. 

It also attracts about 500K users daily. Some of the countries that have restricted access to these torrenting sites include the UK, Portugal, Denmark, and Bulgaria.

6. LimeTorrents 

The popularity of this site has grown, and hence, it has gained a large fanbase after the disappearance of top-notch torrenting sites like Torrentz, Extratorrents, and Kickass Torrents. 

It has a large online library with various types of contents, which comprises verified torrents downloads like music, games, movies, software, YIFY TV shows, anime at absolutely no cost so that it rightly made the list of the best torrent sites in 2020.

The operator of this site launched iTorrents (the torrent cache) pretty recently, which is useable by a lot of torrent search engines.

7. Torrentz2

This is the replacement of the initial, but dysfunctional website. The meta-search engine of this torrent site is not shady about its non-relatedness to the actual Torrentz. But it also does not relent in placing itself as a better alternative of other torrent sites, justified by its ability to search about 60 different torrent sites with encouraging results. 

From the result of the search, it is easy to deduce a torrent content with a large number of peers and seeds to enjoy a healthy download speed.  

Even though it is just a torrent search engine, it remains one of the best torrent repositories out there.

8. KickAss Torrents

This is a relatively new torrent site that is operated and owned by some of the initial Kickass Torrents members. It has a very appealing and safe database even though the user interface is not very much different from the original Kickass Torrent site. It is pretty commendable how these staff members took their time to work hard to birth a replica of the original site even though they did have any access to the KAT code of the original Kickass Torrent. 

Also, the build of the site is such that it gives users the same feeling they would have to tour the first Kickass Torrent site. 


This is another torrent site that rightly belongs to this list. Indeed, it has no affiliation with the original YIFY or YTS group. 

The site has a catchy interface, with a very lovely collection of movies in HD 720p, and 1080p. There are also 3D contents there.

If you need a torrent website that hosts very high-quality entertainment content, then this is you should consider checking out this site. 


10. SeedPeer


SeedPeer is also another nice torrenting site. Just like the other torrent sites discussed above, it has a simple and clean user interface. Files on SeedPeer f into different groups like YIFY TV shows, movies, music, apps, games, animations, and books.

Seedpeer shows the upload time and size of every torrent content that it contains. Well, SeedPeer is the successor of Meganova, once a popular but old torrent site.

Our list contains the top 10 torrents mirror sites in 2020, where you can download movies, video games, e-books, YIFY TV shows, and music with lightning-speed torrent downloads on a single click. Which is your favorite? Go, and enjoy yourself!