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How To Watch Game Of Throne Online For Free [Season 1 – 8]

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How To Watch Game Of Throne Online For Free


Slightly late to the party, but better late than never. I suggest you see that beautiful piece by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss if you haven’t. George R.R. Martins set the tires rolling in his book series, “A Song of Ice and Fire,” and these gentlemen finished it off in grand style. 

You must see this, and you have no excuse whatsoever because it is easier than you think. Have you been wondering how to watch Game of Thrones online for free? You don’t have to search anymore. This article will show you how.

For some time now, Game of Thrones has become the talk of the town to the extent that you may feel embarrassed if you haven’t watched the popular TV series Game of Thrones. In this article, we are set to guide both those who have watched some parts of Game of Thrones and those who are just about to commence the journey into the land of Game of thrones.

Some years ago we didn’t have the privileges we have now. In those days, we needed a television, a CD/DVD player and a CD or DVD of interest before we could watch the film we like. Also, the qualities are not to be compared with the ones we enjoy now on the internet. We are in the era where we don’t have to flood our homes with CDs and DVDs to watch the film of interest, all we need is internet access and a laptop/phone to connect to various streaming channels.

Before we delve fully into the subject, let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of streaming movies online. As we all know, the internet has become readily available for everyone, and the popularity of streaming videos has grown bigger over the years. Its demand is growing bigger because it still provides movies nobody still expects to find in any CD/DVD store and due to the ability to offer definition movies.



  1. No stress on going about in the market to get a CD/DVD, you can simply browse the internet using your smartphone or computer to search for the movie of choice. You may decide to stream instantly or download to watch later.
  2. With the help of the internet, you even find your favorite childhood movies
  3. Streaming movies online is free; you don’t have to spend a penny. You can also decide to download it if you want to have the desired video on your computer. This fascinating feature of streaming movies online makes it more widespread.

Before now, people have to visit CD/DVD stores to search for their desired movie, which by that time may have been out of stock or not available in that particular store. However, the internet has made things different and better all you have to do is search the web and visit sites like hdmoviespoint that offer free movies.



You have heard some of the advantages of streaming movies online. We think it is also essential you learn the problems or should I say the consequences of streaming movies online. This will educate you on what you may get by clicking sites that are not trusted recklessly.

  1. There are lots of harmful sites, and care should be taken when it comes to browsing the general and searching for free movies in particular.
  2. People who have low internet speed don’t always enjoy whatever they are streaming, may have to wait for hours for the film to download, and are not sure if the video they are downloading contains a harmful file or a virus that can ruin their computer.
  3. Lastly, and the most common consequence is that most of the free movies online are pirated copies and have copyright violations. Therefore, care or precautionary measures need to be taken when about to stream free movies online.


How to watch Game of Thrones Free

Have you been asking, “Where can I watch Game of Thrones?” In this article, we are set to give you many answers to that question. We are here to guide you on how to watch series online for free and to several other alternative options just in case your internet service provider doesn’t allow many online torrent and streaming sites.

1. WatchSeries

One very popular online streaming site is WatchSeries. It is created by a group of people who love watching TV shows.

It is a user-friendly website where you can watch Game of Thrones and many other popular TV shows for free. In WatchSeries, multiple links are available for each episode.

To watch Game of Thrones on WatchSeries, we recommend you have a VPN. Downloading or streaming copyrighted movies is illegal, so you must apply precautionary measures when streaming from any website with copyrighted content. One way to do this is to hide your IP with a VPN. A VPN (Virtual Primary Network) provides a private channel of communication between you and the internet. It helps protect your privacy from corporate entities, hackers, and the government.

Open: in your web browser and search for Game of Thrones in the search bar.

After that, the next page will appear showing the various episodes of Game of Throne or any other movie you searched for. Just click on the desired season then episode.

After that, you have to choose a mirror and finally click on “Watch This Link.” 

Enjoy the episode of Game of Thrones you have selected.

For some years now, watching free movies online by streaming has become the most preferred and appreciated way to watch TV shows, movies, and How to watch Game of Thrones. You might want to assume that online streaming sites have become one of the most massive content repositories over the last few years.

But that’s not the case. In reality, the content you can see and watch on online streaming sites is hosted on various third-party servers, and this is precisely how online streaming sites avoid getting shut down. That’s also one of the reasons why so many of them offer more or less the same movies and TV shows. In summary, we can say these sites are nothing but glorified video players.

This does not mean all streaming sites are the same, and not all of them have Game of Thrones. That is to say; some are better than others. We highly recommend that when you are selecting online streaming sites, you try as much as you can to stay away from those sites that use pop-up windows to get your clicks and those that display too many ads. We also advise that you avoid sites that don’t provide alternative mirrors when to click on when trying to watch Game of Thrones or any other movie or a TV show.


2. YesMovies

Apart from WatchSeries, YesMovies is another trustworthy online streaming site to start watching Game of Thrones season 1 up to the last episode it also has many other movies and TV shows. 

YesMovies Homepage

YesMovies is a top-rated online streaming site among many streaming lovers. YesMovies offers all genres of TV shows and movies. If you like to enjoy mostly high definition, then YesMovies is the best option for you. To enjoy YesMovies, you have to follow some simple steps to register to enjoy many useful perks, such as the ability to make a request and save movies for later.


3. WatchonSeries (

Did you miss any episode of the popular TV series Game of Thrones, or do you wish to start from the beginning to watch all the seasons and episodes of Game of Thrones? WatchonSeries is for you. Start now to watch Game of Thrones season 1 up to the last episode on WatchonSeries. They have the complete episodes of the famed series. They also conveniently bring to your screen all upcoming episodes of several other series. You can use the search bar located on the right side of the site to find any movie of your choice.



FMovies is another excellent site that answers the question, where can I watch Game of Throne? On FMOVIES, you can find TV shows and horror, action, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, and other movies. To find your desired video, you can use the search bar located in the top right corner. But if you don’t have any movie at heart, you can simply check the site to select a movie in your favorite genre. FMOVIES is one way to watch Game of Throne without an HBO subscription.


5. Telegram

Telegram is a social media platform mostly used for chatting, and it is an alternative for WhatsApp. Apart from chatting, Telegram is a perfect resource for many media content, including movies and music. Telegram is a convenient means to get your favorite movies and TV shows, including Game of Thrones. To achieve this, you have to be a member of an appropriate Telegram group with the mandate of sharing recently released episodes of your favorite TV series Game of Thrones.

Below are some among the many Telegram channels/groups you can join to get your latest episodes of Game of thrones.

Movie Walker

Game Of Thrones (GOT) @cc_Go

Quality Movies

Method 2: Download Game of Thrones from a Torrent Site

Here you are opportune to choose any quality and resolution of watch series online for free. On a torrent site like Piratebay, you can download any available movie when you are online, and you can watch it even when you’re offline or not connected to the internet.

Most importantly, sharing content such as Game of Thrones is illegal in most countries. You may be allowed to watch an episode of Game of Thrones on an online streaming site, but it’s illegal to share the same episode with the whole world.

Also, not all TV movies, games, music, shows, and other content on torrent sites are legitimate. Hackers are steadily ready to get victims from Torrent sites, and they often achieve this because many people download the first torrent they see without checking its authenticity. It doesn’t mean you should avoid torrent sites altogether. You can prevent this threat by installing a powerful anti-malware in your computer and be mindful of what you click.

One major setback of the torrent site is that many internet services do not permit torrent sites like Piratebay. Therefore, you can’t start watching it immediately. In many countries, Torrent sites are illegal, but you don’t have to worry if you are using an appropriate VPN. Although Torrent websites like The Pirate Bay, Fresh Series, KickAss are considered illegal, they still contain the best HD content among the many free online streaming sites. You can get Game of Thrones Season 1 to the last in HD format from these Torrent sites. Sites like Pirate Bay, Fresh Series, and Show RSS rank high in my list of the best HD Torrents sites. 

When downloading contents from the following Torrent websites always make sure your identity is properly hidden with a suitable VPN.



5. The Pirate Bay (

The Pirate Bay is a Torrent site that makes it easy to download movies and TV shows for offline playback, but there are some setbacks or risks associated with using this site.


How to download Game of Thrones

Open on your browser.

Type in “game of thrones” into the search bar.

Click on “Pirate Search” 

Choose a torrent.

Open the downloaded torrent file.


The Pirate Bay Mirrors

Below are some mirrors that work even when The Pirate Bay is down – Very Fast. – Very Fast– Very Fast. – Very Fast. – Fast.

Pirate .tel – Fast. – Very Fast. – Fast. – Very Fast. – Very Fast. – Very Fast. – Very Fast.

There are several ways to download Game of Thrones for free, but most of the sites that help you achieve this are illegal. With the appropriate VPN, your identity is hidden. Hence nobody can trace you. Congratulations, you can now get a proper VPN and proceed to watch Game of Throne for Free.