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Chris Evans Sets Internet On Fire With His Tattoos and NSFW Pic

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Chris Evans turned up the heat online with his steamy posts on Instagram. Many fans marveled over Evans’ toned physique as he showed off his inked body. Moreover, he had the internet buzzing when he accidentally posted an NSFW photo on his Instagram story.

Read on to know more about the actor who plays Captain America and what the public has to say about his photo blunder.


Brief Profile: Chris Evans Height, Age, Birthday, and More

  • Height: 6 ft or 1.83 m
  • Birthday: June 13, 1981
  • Age: 39 years old
  • Birth Place: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Nationality: American


Who is Chris Evans?

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Christopher Robert Evans is a famous American actor and filmmaker. He is best known for portraying Marvel’s Steve Rogers or Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, alongside other famous actors such as Brie Larson and the late Chadwick Boseman.


Chris Evans Movies, TV Shows, and Career

Aside from the infamous Chris Evans Captain America role, the actor also portrayed other characters throughout his acting career. In fact, Evans first appeared on various television shows such as Opposite Sex, The Fugitive, Skin, and Boston Public. In 2001, he landed his first major role on the big screen as a football celebrity named Jake Wyler.

Eventually, the actor ventured to superhero roles, which paved the way for his acting career to grow. The public deemed his portrayal of the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four franchise be his major career break. This opportunity helped him exhibit his talents and solidify his credibility as an actor.

True enough, Marvel eventually picked him for the role of Captain America. From there on, people from all over the world came to recognize him not only for his pretty face but also for his remarkable acting talents.


Chris Evans Body Part Leak

Chris Evans set the internet on fire when he accidentally leaked a snapshot of his camera roll filled with his personal pictures. One photo in particular showed a snap of a body part that was assumed to be Evans’ privates. The other is a meme of him with the words “guard that p**sy” written on it.

Before you speculate that these were fake, you should know that the leaks were posted on Evans’ official Instagram account. He wasn’t hacked, either, since the actor sheepishly acknowledged his mistake after a few days.

Fortunately, the Captain America actor was able to delete the post right away. However, many followers were quick enough to take a screenshot of Evans’ Instagram story before he took it down. This photo eventually dominated everyone’s social media feeds and became the topic of most online conversations.


Chris Evans Nude Photo: The Internet’s Reaction

The Chris Evans Instagram blunder garnered mixed comments from the public.  While there are people who criticized and even harassed Evans, there are also others who rushed to support him. Many fans took to Twitter as they posted refined and witty comments regarding the incident.

Support From Fans

A fan account of the username @Big_BuckyEnergy backed Chris Evans on his accidental post. The tweet took a lighter and wittier approach to the incident. Still, the importance of Evans’ right to privacy was emphasized in the post.


@epDannyEdge also showed support for Chris Evans and acknowledged that the slip-up was funny. However, he also stated that people should respect Evans’ privacy. He wrote, “protect him like he protected the world,” as a reference to Evans’ Captain America role.

Furthermore, several other fans flooded online feeds with Chris Evans’ wholesome pictures. They hoped to overtake the actual screenshots of his scandalous Instagram story. Additionally, some reminded people of the actor’s struggle with anxiety and right to privacy.


Reactions from Celebrities

Aside from his fans, some popular personalities also went to social media to slightly tease, but also support, Evans. His Marvel co-star, Mark Ruffalo, was one of the first celebrities who acknowledged the issue online.


The Avengers actor tried to reassure Evans by tweeting, “Bro, while Trump is in office there is NOTHING you could possibly do to embarrass yourself.”

The public know both Ruffalo and Evans for being vocal about their political views. Of course, Ruffalo took the chance to cite their mutual political stand while uplifting his friend’s spirits.


Actress Kat Dennings is also one of the celebrities who talked about the Chris Evans nude leak. The 2 Broke Girls star acknowledged the public’s wholesome support for the actor. Moreover, Dennings spoke up about how the same treatment and respect for women who find themselves in a similar situation would be nice, as well.


Of course, the famous Chris Evans brother also came to the rescue. Scott Evans attempted to make light of the incident by tweeting, “What’d I miss?” The Almost Love actor also playfully remarked that he was off social media for the entire day of the Chris Evans Instagram leak.

While we could all get a good laugh at the incident, it is also important to keep in mind that celebrities deserve privacy just like any other person.


Double Standards on Celebrity Nude Leaks

In comparison to previous nude leaks from celebrities, the response to Evans’ nudes was more wholesome and supportive. However, this is not the case for everyone–especially for women.

Although nude leaks are common in Hollywood, the public’s reaction to female celebrities’ leaks or even mere sexy photos vary greatly from that of male celebrities. There’s no denying that the double standards on nude photos remain rampant.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is one of the female Hollywood celebrities who are not afraid to show some skin. Indeed, the Hannah Montana star has lots of photos of herself either wearing sexy outfits or completely stripped down. Until now, Cyrus continues to receive backlash and slut-shaming remarks from many.


Paris Hilton

Another victim of nude leaks is Paris Hilton. When she was only 19 years old, her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon released a sex tape entitled 1 Night in Paris. Salomon had intercourse with Hilton and released the tape without the heiress’ consent. The tape garnered a lot of negative comments from the public, most of which were crude remarks on Hilton being eager to seek attention through the tape. Moreover, others even blamed Hilton for agreeing to be filmed.

In our present society, double standards are truly still at large. What people fail to realize is that whether the person is male or female, they are still a victim. No one should be subjected to victim-blaming, objectification, or harassment. It is high time that people learn to celebrate body positivity and extend respect to each other, no matter their sex or status.


Chris Evans Twitter Response

Despite all of the commotion that his Instagram leak caused, Chris Evans stayed dignified and delivered the best response.

On his Twitter account, Evans made use of the incident for a good cause. He gracefully and wittingly tweeted, “Now that I have your attention….VOTE Nov 3rd!!!” as a way to encourage his fellow Americans to register and vote for the upcoming elections. This just goes to show that Evans is indeed a role model and hero, both on and off-screen.


In an interview with Tamron Hall, Chris Evans addressed the leak for the first time on national television. Evans said that he had “an interesting weekend” that helped him learn new lessons.

The actor also sheepishly said that the incident was embarrassing. However, he gracefully added that one has to “roll with the punches.” Of course, Evans took the chance to thank his fans for their efforts in supporting and reassuring him.


Chris Evans Tattoos

A few weeks after the infamous Instagram slip-up, the public marveled over a new Chris Evans shirtless video. This time, he uploaded an Instagram story of himself back-flipping into a cold pool. Evans also wrote a caption saying, “Last swim before the pool hibernates… (It was freezing!)”

What made the video more notable was not just Evans’ toned physique, but also the number of tattoos that covered his body. Many fans were surprised to see Evans sporting tattoos on his muscled chest. Although this came as a shock to many, Evans does not actually shy away from showing off his tattoos.


As this photo shows, Evans is no stranger to being inked. He had his amazing Taurus tattoo done in honor of his mother, Lisa, whose zodiac sign is—you guessed it—Taurus.

On another note, a Chris Evans naked photo for the Gucci Guilty ad also showed his “loyalty” tattoo on the right arm. The actor had this inked because he believes that men should have loyalty, especially to family and loved ones.

Aside from these two, Evans also has six other tattoos that all have sentimental meanings for him. Without a doubt, Chris Evans is #goals when it comes to the best arm and chest tattoos for men.


Final Thoughts

After shocking the public with the infamous Chris Evans beard in Avengers: Infinity War, Evans continued to serve more surprises with his social media posts–whether accidental or not. Indeed, he is an admirable person with good looks, great talents, and of course, a patriotic heart.

While it is okay to admire celebrities like Evans who are known for their great physical attributes, it is also important to learn where to draw the line between pure admiration and mere harassment. Just like ordinary people, celebrities also deserve to be respected and have private matters to themselves. It is high time that everyone should learn to value consent, avoid double standards, and practice empathy.